Small Animal Riddles, Can You Guess It Right? (Part 29)

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Welcome to Part 29 of our small animal riddles series! Today's riddle features a fascinating creature known for its long life and distinctive shell. Let's see if you can guess what it is from the clues below:

  1. Small head, long neck, four short legs, 
    tóu xiǎo jǐng cháng sì jiǎo duǎn,
  2. finds safety inside a hard shell, 
    yìng ké ké lǐ bǎ shēn ān,
  3. despite being timid and easily scared, 
    bié kàn dǎn xiǎo yòu pà shì,
  4. it boasts an incredibly long lifespan.
    yào lùn shòu mìng dà wú biān.

Let's dive into the riddle!

  • 头小颈长四脚短,硬壳壳里把身安
    tóu xiǎo jǐng cháng sì jiǎo duǎn,yìng ké ké lǐ bǎ shēn ān,
    The first two lines, "头小颈长四脚短,硬壳壳里把身安," describe an animal with a small head, long neck, and short legs that finds safety inside a hard shell. This distinctive feature points to an animal that carries its home on its back.
  • 别看胆小又怕事,要论寿命大无边。 
    bié kàn dǎn xiǎo yòu pà shì,yào lùn shòu mìng dà wú biān.
    The next two lines, "别看胆小又怕事,要论寿命大无边," highlight the animal's timid nature and its remarkable lifespan. Despite being easily scared, this creature can live for a very long time.

So, the answer to the riddle is a 乌龟 (wū guī) turtle!

Key Sentences:

  1. Turtles are often seen basking in the sun on rocks or logs. 
    Wū guī cháng cháng bèi kàn dào zài yán shí huò yuán mù shàng shài tài yáng.
  2. Turtles can live for many decades, making them some of the longest-living animals. 
    Wū guī kě yǐ huó hěn duō nián, shì shòu mìng zuì cháng de dòng wù zhī yī.
  3. A turtle's shell provides excellent protection against predators. 
    Wū guī de ké kě yǐ hěn hǎo de bǎo hù tā men miǎn shòu bǔ shí zhě de gōng jī.

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