Small Animal Riddles, Can You Guess It Right? (Part 21)

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Welcome to part 21 of our exciting series, Small Animal Riddles! We have another intriguing riddle for you today. Let's see if you can guess the answer!

  1. From afar, it looks like a cat.
    Yuǎnyuǎn kàn qù xiàng zhī māo
  2. But when you get closer, you exclaim "Oh no!"
    Zǒujìn yī qiáo hǎn zāogāo

Let's break it down step by step!

  • 远远看去像只猫 (Yuǎnyuǎn kàn qù xiàng zhī māo)
    This line suggests that from a distance, the animal has a resemblance to a cat. This could mean it shares some physical characteristics with a cat, such as its size or shape.
  • 走近一瞧喊糟糕 (Zǒujìn yī qiáo hǎn zāogāo)
    This part indicates that upon closer inspection, this animal is not a cat and is likely something much more dangerous or alarming, causing a sense of shock or fear.

Key Sentences:

  1. The tiger prowls silently through the jungle.


    Lǎohǔ zài cónglín zhōng qiāoqiāo de páihuái.
  2. Tigers have beautiful striped fur.


    Lǎohǔ yǒu zhe měilì de tiáowén máopí.
  3. Tigers are powerful and skilled hunters.

Lǎohǔ shì qiángdà ér shúliàn de lièshǒu.

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