Small Animal Riddles, Can You Guess It Right? (Part 13)

Friday, June 7, 2024

Ready for another animal riddle? This one might stump you with its unique description. Join us as we unravel the clues and reveal the creature behind today’s puzzle.

  1. Though not old, it has plenty of fur.
    nián jì bìng bù lǎo, shēn shàng máo bù shǎo
  2. Draped in a thick coat, it eats grass on the mountain.
    shēn pī dà pí ǎo, shān shàng chī qīng cǎo
  • 年纪并不老,身上毛不少
    nián jì bìng bù lǎo, shēn shàng máo bù shǎo
    The first two lines tell us that this animal, despite its young age, is covered in a lot of fur. This suggests that the fur is a significant and notable feature of the animal.
  • 身披大皮袄,山上吃青草
    shēn pī dà pí ǎo, shān shàng chī qīng cǎo
    The next two lines describe the animal’s thick coat, likening it to a large overcoat. This animal is commonly found grazing on grass in mountainous areas.

So, have you guessed it yet? It's the sheep 绵羊 (mián yáng)!

Sheep are well-known for their thick woolly coats, which provide them with warmth and protection. They are often seen grazing on grass in hilly or mountainous regions.

Key Sentences:

  1. The sheep grazes peacefully in the meadow.

mián yáng zài cǎo dì shàng ān jìng de chī cǎo.
  2. The sheep’s wool is used to make warm clothing.


    mián yáng de yáng máo yòng lái zhì zuò bǎo nuǎn de yī fú.
  3. The sheep huddles with its flock at night.

mián yáng wǎn shàng hé yáng qún jǐ zài yī qǐ.

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