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  • Christine.Gillet, Luxembourg

    nǐ hǎo! Hello, my name is Christine. I live in Luxembourg, I have been learned Chinese by myself for about 8 years .Why I learne Chinese? Because I am very interested in Chinese Culture. I have been learned with ChineseLearning.Com for more than 2 years. My teacher's name is Lilian. She is very useful on day to day for helping me revise the vocabuary, at every lesson we study Chinese focus on the economy, that is what I am looking for. Thank you very much, ChineseLearning.Com!

  • Leo.Huang, HK

    My daughter is learning in ChineseLearning.Com. She enjoys the class very much. Her teacher May is very professional in teaching kids, she knows how to get a kid's attention. Her class is very interesting. My daughter often asks me when he can have class next time. My wife and I are very satisfied with the service! Thank you, GM!

  • Natasa Sram Darroch, Slovenia

    My 8-year-old son and myself have been studying at ChineseLearning.Com for about two years now. We have an excellent teacher Ivy, she makes learning Chinese fun and interesting and my 8 year old really likes it. She is very knowledgeable and throughout the lessons shows China and it's culture in a very appealing way, you become familiar with customs, habits and way of life in China just listening and reading about it. I enjoy lessons with her a lot. I would recommend studying at ChineseLearning.Com  to whoever wants to improve their Chinese, or starts learning it from scratch. You will learn language and the culture and you will have a great time on the way doing it.

  • Josep A.Aliagas, Spain

    I have been studying Chinese online for many years and my experience with ChineseLearning.Com is by far the best one I've ever had. Teachers are exceptional, they really care about the students. I have recommended ChineseLearning.Com to several people and we all share the same opinion. Congratulations ChineseLearning.Com!

  • Jelly Martinez, Singapore

    ChineseLearning.Com is very professional! Your level will be assessed on arrival and your high-quality experienced mandarin teacher will discuss your study plan with you and advice on the best options for you. It helps me improve my Chinese quickly and effectively. Thank you!

  • Alwin Gan, US

    I think all you do the best! Amazing! I highly recommend ChineseLearning.Com. I have learned here for about 2 years. I follow a course book with a good teacher on Skype. On Skype I can keep a record of text that my teacher writes during lessons and I can listen again to her voice to check vocabulary and pronunciation. Writing Chinese characters and reading the tones correctly from the pinyin might be difficult for beginners. On Skype, Chinese characters can be saved and used with computer software and dictionaries. After lessons, I can then practice writing some Chinese characters.  On Skype, it is also possible to listen again to the words as pronounced by your teacher. For me it is much easier to copy my teacher reading words than it is to read pinyin correctly with the tones without listening.

     I now look forward to having many more lessons with ChineseLearning.Com as I can already feel a big improvement in my level.

  • Justine Chan, Canada

    I love my teacher very much! She helps me learn Chinese easily. So easily in fact that it won't feel like you are studying at all. I will tell my friends about how wonderful your Mandarin courses are.

  • Leon Wool, UK

    Before I found ChineseLearning.Com, I tried various books and online resources. A lot of these were not very helpful without a teacher. Website videos were sometimes useful but I felt that working with a good teacher was what I really needed. 

    I decided to start a ChineseLearning.Com course and I am happy to say that I made the right decision. My teacher is great!!! I now look forward to having many more lessons with ChineseLearning.Com as I can already feel a big improvement in my level.

  • Ranald Wim, HK

    ChineseLearning.Com is my favorite online school for learning different languages. My teacher are engaged and professional. What I want to say is ChineseLearning.Com’s booking system. I need not to book the lesson each time, it is automatic. Amazing! Give GM a bit fat!!!

  • Stephen Talen, US

    I would like to say that my lessons are well structured and planned. Esther my Primary teacher is patient and understanding and delivers the lesson in a professional manner I enjoy the lesson and feel that I am progressing well. I would not hesitate to recommend your school to anyone interested in learning Chinese, also I have the lessons saved so at any time I can refer to them for my homework and additional learning which I find a great benefit one last point I would like to make is the price is very affordable not expensive at all. I hope this information is helpful and thank you.