Chinese Lessons for Teens

Our Chinese language lessons for teenagers, between 13 to 17 years old, are customized to cater to their individual needs. Our team of Chinese teachers will create a personalized and professional study plan based on the student's interests, learning pace, style, goals, and cultural background. The courses are designed to improve their communication skills in real-life situations.

Chinese Lessons for Teens are Divided into Three Levels: 

Our Chinese language course is specially designed for young adults and can be personalized to meet their individual abilities and goals. By taking this course, teenagers will establish a solid foundation in the language, preparing them for future fluency. Our experienced teachers provide comprehensive instruction in all four key areas of language learning: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. We balance our focus on both input and output of Chinese language, offering a variety of materials such as stories, riddles, videos, games, TPR, and more. Since teenagers have a greater capacity for learning new languages than adults, we've divided our courses into three levels, ranging from Beginner to Advanced proficiency.  

Beginner Chinese Lessons for Teens:

This level of Mandarin course is suitable for Teens who are completly beginners to the language, with no prior knowledge of reading Chinese characters or pinyin. Our curriculum begins with the fundamentals of recognizing Chinese characters and mastering pronunciation, providing a step-by-step learning experience. 

  1. Duration: 50 minutes for each class;
  2. Listening: To improve teenagers listening skill and practice the Chinese vocabularies and sentence structures of each lessons we prefer to use a range of video and audio resources that expose them to different Chinese listening environments, including everyday situations, stories, and songs, providing a well-rounded listening experience.
  3. Speaking: To cultivate teenagers' ability to think in Mandarin and express themselves in Mandarin, we adopt topic-based teaching methods such as personal introductions, and social relationships. By means of these approaches, teenagers will be exposed to phonetic symbols and tones, new vocabulary, and conversations relevant to their daily experiences, including topics such as food and health, seasons and weather, school subjects and facilities, and more. These approaches aim to provide teenagers with the language skills necessary to communicate effectively in real-life situations. 
  4. Reading: To improve teenagers' reading abilities, we provide a diverse selection of interesting stories, picture books, nursery rhymes and classical poetry for beginner students to read to ensure that reading Chinese is enjoyable and engaging. We aim to create a fun and interactive learning environment that encourages teenagers to develop their reading skills in Mandarin.
  5. Writing: To help teenagers well-prepared to understand and write Chinese Characters with confidence in the future, this level will start from the standard  Mandarin Chinese Pinyin and tones, and some basic rules of reading Pinyin and writing characters, the strokes orders and radicals of Chinese Characters, with extensive coverage of common radicals like 亻(standing person), 氵(water), 女 (female), and others extensively to provide a solid foundation for learning Chinese characters. 
  6. Chinese Culture: At this level, teenagers will have the opportunity to learn about some traditional Chinese festivals,  including the Mid-Autumn Festival and Dragon Boat Festival, as well as some Chinese delicious foods like hotpot and jiaozi and more. Additionally, they will hear fascinating legends such as Chang'e Flies to the Moon and Nüwa Creates Human Beings and so on, which will help cultivate their appreciation for different cultures in an enjoyable way.  
  7. Test: Upon completion of the beginner Chinese lessons, teenagers will have fulfilled the requirements for HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) levels 1-4 in China. Teenagers will not only improve their proficiency in writing Chinese characters and reading stories, but also gain confidence in using Chinese for effective communication.

Intermediate Chinese Lessons for Teens:

This level is appropriate for teenagers with a certain foundation in Chinese, who can proficiently use pinyin and basic Chinese characters and  express or communicate with some familiar vocabulary to answer simple questions in daily life. Within this level, they will further develop the ability to think in
Mandarin as they speak, and express more complex ideas and thoughts, as well as engaging in conversation on a wider range of topics. 

  1. Duration: 50 minutes for each class;
  2. Listening: In order to help teenagers build a more solid foundation in Mandarin listening comprehension and develop their Mandarin listening abilities. We offering a diverse range of audio and video resources, such as recordings, music, and stories. By presenting more complex meanings of new words and sentence patterns within everyday situations, our resources enable teenagers to expand their understanding of different vocabularies or sentence structures that are appropriate for various communication scenarios.
  3. Speaking: To improve teenagers' Mandarin speaking abilities across a wide range of up-date topics, including leisure and entertainment, Modern diseases and technology, travel plans, Volunteer work and more. In addition, we introduce them to various idiomatic expressions, Chinese proverbs, fables, folk tales, and famous poems. These courses are designed to expand their vocabulary, enhance their Mandarin speaking abilities, and deepen their understanding of Chinese culture.  
  4. Reading: To enhance teenagers' Mandarin proficiency, we prefer to offer a diverse range of current topics and materials for practice, including culinary diversity, urban life, global issues, and more.  Additionally, teenagers will learn fairly long and complex Chinese stories and folk tales, as well as study proverbs and other literary works to improve their reading abilities and deepen their understanding of Chinese culture, history, and society. 
  5. Writing: At this level, teenagers can begin to recognize and write more complex Chinese characters in addition to writing basic sentences and short messages or letters using Chinese characters. With further learning and practice, they will gradually develop the ability to use Chinese characters more effectively to express their thoughts and emotions. Besides, As we all know, typing on a mobile phone or computer has become a necessity in our work and life. In addition to teaching children to learn to write Chinese characters by hand, we also teach them how to type using pinyin on a keyboard. This not only helps them practice their pinyin, but also helps them recognize Chinese characters.
  6. Chinese Culture: At this level, teenagers will have the opportunity to know more about Chinese customs, traditions, festivals, geography, history, and other related topics. They are also encouraged to express their opinions on various subjects, including urban lifestyles in China and global issues. These approaches can help them develop an appreciation for diverse cultures and enjoy the learning process more fully.
  7. Test: Upon completion of the Intermediate Chinese lessons, teenagers will have fulfilled the requirements for HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) levels 1-5 in China. At this proficiency level, they are capable of discussing various topics using Chinese and communicating relatively fluently with native Chinese speakers.

Advanced Chinese Lessons for Teens:

The advanced Mandarin course is designed for teenage learners who possess a basic understanding of Chinese language and can comprehend daily conversations with native speakers. They are also able to read Chinese newspapers and magazines as well as enjoy Chinese films and television programs. The course will build upon their existing knowledge and skills to further enhance their proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Mandarin Chinese.

  1. Duration: 50 minutes for each class;
  2. Listening: At this level, teenagers mainly improve their listening skills by listening to Chinese television programs and dramas with native speakers. These programs and materials are available for students to listen to repeatedly, which helps them train their ears and enhance their listening abilities gradually.
  3. Speaking: To help advanced-level teenagers in expressing themselves more accurately and fluently, we prefer to choose different teaching methods such as picture description or short stories for them to retell which will make teenagers to gradually correct and improve their usage of vocabulary and sentence structures. By practicing these exercises, teenagers can develop more natural and fluent speaking abilities.
  4. Reading: In order to enhance the reading proficiency of advanced-level teenagers, we use a step-by-step approach by gradually increasing the level of difficulty. We begin with retelling short stories and then progress to reading medium-length stories. Additionally, we guide students to read various news reports, literary classics, and works by famous authors to expand their reading breadth and depth. These exercises help enhance students' reading skills and speed while enriching their vocabulary and language expression abilities.
  5. Writing: At this level, teenagers are expected to place significant emphasis not only on proper stroke orders and structures when writing Chinese characters but also on mastering new words and phrases introduced in each lesson through regular dictations. Additionally, we encourage advanced-level teenagers to write daily journals or short stories in Chinese. These exercises are specifically designed to enhance their Chinese writing proficiency and foster confidence in using the language effectively for communication and self-expression in various real-life scenarios.
  6. Chinese Culture: At this level, teenagers will also have the opportunity to learn a broader and more in-depth range of discussion topics, including Chinese etiquette and values, cutural diversity, human rights, peace and conflict and more. Through such comprehensive training, teenagers will take their Chinese language learning to a higher level.
  7. Test: Upon completion of the advanced Chinese lessons, teenagers will have fulfilled the requirements for HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) level 6 in China, depending on their individual progress and achievement. At these proficiency levels, they are capable of discussing various complex topics using Chinese, communicating fluently with native Chinese speakers, and comprehending a wide range of authentic Chinese texts. 

Teens Chinese Lessons

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Certainly, we offer a complimentary 30 - minute trial lesson for you to experience our services before committing to a purchase.This will allow you to gain a better understanding of our qualified tutors, innovative teaching methods, comprehensive class materials, and more.We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service and ensuring your satisfaction with our courses.
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Our learning is different from traditional language learning in a number of ways. Firstly, we use technology to enhance the learning experience and provide personalized learning paths for each student. Secondly, our focus is not just on language proficiency, but also on cultural understanding and practical application of the language.Thirdly, we place a strong emphasis on developing speaking and listening skills, as well as reading and writing.Additionally, we incorporate modern teaching methods and materials, such as multimedia resources and interactive exercises.Finally, our courses are designed to be flexible and adaptable, allowing students to learn at their own pace and according to their own schedule.
As a first - time student, if you are not completely satisfied with our service, we offer a cancellation policy that allows you to cancel your subscription before the first month. In such cases, we only charge a one - month fee and refund the remaining balance to you as soon as possible.We strive to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with our service and are committed to providing a hassle - free refund process.
Before starting any Chinese language course, the teacher will assess your Chinese language proficiency level through a placement test.This helps to determine your current level of understanding and ability in Chinese, and allows the teacher to tailor the course materials and teaching methods to your specific needs and goals. The placement test may include assessments of your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.Based on the results of the test, the teacher will be able to recommend an appropriate course of study for you.