Chinese Lessons for Job Interviews

This course is tailored for Chinese learners who are required to have some basic knowledge of interview. This course entails mainly the related vocabularies, proper sentence structure and also the practice of the real scene, which will help you to get across in an interview.

Specifically, the course covers the following aspects:

  • Vocabulary commonly used in job interviews: including commonly used vocabulary related to job titles, job responsibilities, and self-introduction.
  • Sentence structures commonly used in job interviews: explaining the commonly used questions and answers in interviews, helping you master the correct expressions and sentence structures.
  • Practical exercises: practicing through simulating real interview scenarios, helping you familiarize yourself with the interview process and improve your response ability.
  • Other skills: the course also introduces some tips and tricks for job interviews, such as dressing appropriately, posture, eye contact, etc, to help you be more confident and appropriate during the interview.

Selected topics:

Greetings and self-introduction Personal characteristics and strengths/weaknesses Industry trends and development predictions

Education background

Career goals and aspirations Self-improvement and career development planning

Working experience

Company culture and values Communication skills and conflict resolution abilities in the workplace

Discussing career plans

Teamwork and leadership experience Sharing and summarizing experiences related to specific projects or tasks
Describe one's hobbies Problem-solving skills and ability to handle challenges Research and understanding of the company or industry

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