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The HSKK stands for "Hànyǔ shuǐpíng kǒuyǔ kǎoshì (汉语水平口语考试)",  which means "Oral Chinese Level Test". And it focus on your oral Chinese language skills. The HSKK is a not just the "speaking section" of the HSK. You don't have to take the HSK first in order to take the HSKK. It's a separate exam, and you can take whatever level you want. Our teacher will select the most suitable teaching material for you based on your oral Chinese proficiency, make a tailored study plan for you, check leakage fill a vacancy. Try to get you the best HSKK test score possible.


The corresponding relationship between each level of the HSKK and the International Chinese Language Proficiency Standards and the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF) is shown in the following table:




International Chinese Language proficiency Standards

The Common European Framework of Reference

HSKK (Advanced Level)

About 3000 

Level 5



HSKK (Intermediate Level)

About 900 

Level 4


Level 3


HSKK (Basic Level)

About 200 

Level 2


Level 1



       HSKK Basic Level                                        HSKK Intermediate Level                                           HSKK Advanced Level


The number of HSKK exam questions at each level and the exam time are shown in the table below:



                Number of Items


HSKK (Basic Level)


About 17 

HSKK (Intermediate Level)


About 21 

HSKK (Advanced Level)


About 24 


The HSKK test takes the form of recording and adopts the mode of "combination of listening and speaking" and "combination of reading and speaking" to test candidates' Chinese oral expression ability. Candidates can freely choose to apply for the exam based on their actual level.

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