HSKK Intermediate Level

  • Designed for learners who have some foundation of Chinese learning and can conduct certain familliar routine topics with native speakers.
  • You will accquire about 700 common words and phrases.
  • After you finish this level,  you are able to communicate with native Chinese speakers in more complex routine and certain non-routine tasks. You can understand some Chinese culture, and can have a deeper discussion and express your own views. And become more fluent in speaking.
  • You don't need to know Chinese characters.

I. Test Content

The HSKK (Intermediate Level) is divided into three parts, with a total of 14 questions.

Test content

        Number of Items


Section 1

Repeat after Listening



Section 2

Picture Description



Section 3

Answer Questions






All tests take about 21 minutes (including 10 minutes for preparation)

Part I consists of ten questions. For each question, a sentence recording will be played, the candidate should repeat it after listening.

Part II consists of two questions. For each question, a picture will be provided, and the candidate should say something based on the picture.

Part III consists of two questions. There are two questions (in Pinyin) provided on the test paper, and the candidate answers the questions.

II. Score Report

The full score of HSKK (Intermediate Level) is 100, and a score of 60 points is considered qualified.

Full Score

Passing Score

              Your Score




HSKK scores are used as proof of foreign students' ability to learn Chinese in Chinese universities and colleges, which are valid for two years (from the date of the examination).

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