Travel Chinese Lessons

Travel Chinese lessons aim to teach students Chinese expressions and communication skills needed during travel, helping them better adapt to and enjoy Chinese tourism culture. It is suitable for students planning to travel to China, those going on short-term business trips, or those engaged in business dealings with Chinese people, etc. By learning Travel Chinese, students will be able to communicate more freely with locals, enhance communication and understanding, and have a better travel or business experience. 

The Curriculum of Travel Chinese Primarily Covers:

Basic grammar and vocabulary: Through our course, you will master basic Chinese grammar and vocabulary, including numbers, time, date, greetings, and more. These knowledge points will help you better understand and use Chinese, laying a solid foundation for your travels.

Audio-visual materials: We provide diverse audio-visual materials, such as travel-related videos, audios, and images, to help students perceive Chinese language and related scenarios.

Daily life scenarios: We will teach according to daily life scenarios, such as dining in restaurants, asking for directions, shopping, and other related themes. This enables you to better understand Chinese culture and social etiquette, and learn Chinese expressions for these situations.

Travel guide: We will provide you with an insight into Chinese tourist attractions, cultural features, and historical backgrounds. Additionally, we will teach some commonly used Chinese expressions and communication techniques for traveling, such as navigating airports, public transportation, checking into hotels, ordering food, and other related Chinese phrases to make your travels smoother.

Practice activities: In addition to classroom learning, we also arrange practice activities such as simulated restaurant ordering, guided tours, and more. This allows you to practice Chinese language skills in real-life scenarios.

Our teaching approach emphasizes interactivity and practicality, striving to enable students to learn practical Chinese language skills in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Our Online Travel Chinese Lessons Provide the Following Customized Services:

Personalized curriculum: We will tailor a Chinese travel program to suit your needs based on your travel destination and interests. For example, if you plan to visit Beijing, we will focus on introducing Beijing's tourist attractions, culture and history, local cuisine, and more to help you better understand and enjoy your trip to Beijing.

Flexible schedule: We can create a flexible class schedule that suits your schedule and time requirements, ensuring that you can still enjoy learning Chinese travel knowledge even with a busy schedule.

Customized teacher guidance: Our teachers are native Chinese speakers who are proficient in English and will provide personalized guidance based on your learning needs and progress, helping you to better master Chinese travel knowledge.

Multimedia teaching materials: We offer rich and vivid multimedia teaching materials, including videos, audios, pictures, etc., making learning more interesting and intuitive.

Learning assessment and feedback: We will regularly assess and provide feedback on your learning progress, helping you understand your strengths and weaknesses and adjust your learning direction and methods accordingly.

The Courses are Divided into Three Levels:

Beginner Travel Chinese Lessons

Suitable for:

  • Non-native speakers who are beginners in learning Chinese.
  • Students who are not yet familiar with Chinese characters and pinyin.
  • Students who wish to have basic daily communication while traveling.
  • This course aims to help students master the basic Chinese language skills needed for travel situations through practical vocabulary and sentence patterns. Course content includes daily expressions related to asking for directions, ordering food, shopping, accommodation, and introducing Chinese culture and customs, etc.

Intermediate Travel Chinese Lessons

Suitable for:

  • Students with a certain foundation in Chinese, who can proficiently use pinyin and basic Chinese characters.
  • Students who wish to have more complex communication while traveling, such as sharing their experiences and expressing opinions.
  • Students with an interest in Chinese culture and history.
  • This course mainly covers various dialogues in travel situations, such as using public transportation, visiting tourist attractions, and booking tickets, etc. Additionally, the course introduces knowledge of Chinese culture and history to help students better understand China and communicate with locals. Furthermore, the course provides more vocabulary and grammar knowledge to help students express themselves more freely and effectively.

Advanced Travel Chinese Lessons

Suitable for:

  • Students with a high level of proficiency in spoken and written Chinese.
  • Students who wish to have an in-depth understanding of Chinese culture, history, and society.
  • Students who intend to work, study or live in China.
  • This course aims to improve students' Chinese language skills and sensitivity, enabling them to express their thoughts and opinions more fluently. The course covers various topics such as modern social issues, business negotiations, literature reading, and movie appreciation. Additionally, the course introduces deeper knowledge of Chinese culture, history, and society to help students better understand China.

Selected Topics:

                  Beginner Topics                 Intermediate Topics              Advanced Topics
Greetings and self-introduction Seeing a doctor and medical treatment Sustainable tourism
Basic numbers and counting method Visiting tourist attractions and museums Digital tourism
Food culture and ordering Communicating via phone and email Media coverage and news analysis
Shopping and currency exchange Dating and social culture Social issues and hot topics
Transportation and taking a taxi Expressing opinions and views Literature reading and interpretation
Hotel accommodation and reservation Business negotiation and communication Movie appreciation and critique
Asking for directions and giving directions Chinese history and culture Reading and writing academic papers

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Our Chinese learning method is focused on personalized and interactive one-on-one lessons with a professional teacher. The lessons are conducted live through our online teaching platform, which allows you to see and talk to the teacher. You can schedule the lessons at a time that suits you, and the teacher will tailor the lesson content to your specific needs and goals. During the lesson, you can ask questions and receive feedback from the teacher to ensure you understand and master the knowledge and skills being taught. We also have a student service team and academic coordinator team to assist you with your learning and provide any additional support you may need.Overall, our method is designed to be flexible, personalized, and interactive to help you achieve your language learning goals.
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