Chinese Reading Course

Welcome to our Chinese Reading Course, designed specifically for intermediate-level students and beyond. This comprehensive program aims to provide a diverse range of reading materials carefully curated from various sources. By participating in this course, you will not only enhance your reading abilities but also improve your overall language proficiency, including listening, speaking, and writing skills.

Through engaging and thought-provoking texts, our course will expose you to a wide variety of subjects, ensuring that you develop a broader understanding of the Chinese language and culture. Each reading selection has been meticulously chosen to maintain a balanced blend of informative, entertaining, and culturally significant content. The topics covered include history, literature, current affairs, business, technology, and more.

This course goes beyond mere comprehension. We encourage active engagement and critical thinking by incorporating interactive discussions and exercises in our lesson plans. You will have the opportunity to analyze and explore different writing styles, sentence structures, and vocabulary used in the selected texts. Additionally, our experienced instructors will guide you in extracting valuable insights, promoting deeper understanding, and expanding your linguistic horizons.

By immersing yourself in this extensive reading program, you will develop a nuanced grasp of Chinese language usage, enabling you to express your thoughts and ideas more effectively. Furthermore, you will gain a deeper appreciation for the rich historical and contemporary cultural aspects of China, providing you with valuable cultural insights that will enhance your cross-cultural communication skills.

Upon completion of this course, you will have not only expanded your vocabulary and comprehension skills but also gained the confidence to engage in meaningful conversations, write coherent essays, and appreciate Chinese literature with a greater level of proficiency.

Join us on this rewarding journey as we embark on an exploration of Chinese texts, unraveling the layers of language, culture, and knowledge woven within each piece. Let this course serve as a stepping stone towards your mastery of the Chinese language and a deeper connection with its vibrant cultural heritage.

Selected topics: 

China's financial problem International affirs
Climate problem Real-estate bubbles in China
Entertainments Sports
Food safety AI

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FAQ / Tips

Our teaching methodology is centered around our students and their individual learning objectives.We provide personalized learning plans, innovative and flexible teaching materials and methods, and strive to make learning Chinese a joyful and enjoyable experience.Our approach is designed to engage students and foster a deep understanding of the Chinese language, culture, and customs. We believe that learning should be fun and meaningful, and we work hard to ensure that every student enjoys their Chinese language learning journey with us.
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We offer highly flexible class schedules that cater to your needs, with lessons available from 7am to 10pm Beijing time, seven days a week.This allows you to conveniently take lessons at any time and from any location that suits your schedule.
Our students come from a wide range of ages, from 3 years old to over 80 years old. Our courses are tailored to each student's age and proficiency level to ensure they can receive maximum benefit and progress. Whether you want to learn Chinese as a second language or improve your existing Chinese skills, we can provide you with courses and resources that are suitable for you
Before starting any Chinese language course, the teacher will assess your Chinese language proficiency level through a placement test.This helps to determine your current level of understanding and ability in Chinese, and allows the teacher to tailor the course materials and teaching methods to your specific needs and goals. The placement test may include assessments of your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.Based on the results of the test, the teacher will be able to recommend an appropriate course of study for you.