YCT Speaking Test Prep Course for Kids

Launched by Hanban, the new Young Learner's Chinese Test (YCT) is a proficiency exam designed for non-native speakers under the age of 15. The test evaluates foreign students' ability to use Chinese in both their daily and academic lives. The YCT includes two independent sections, one focused on writing and the other on speaking. The YCT Speaking Test Prep course in Chinese Learning includes a large amount of practice to help students master basic Chinese conversational skills and oral expression abilities, and improve their test-taking skills through simulated tests. The course also provides detailed introductions and strategies for YCT speaking tests to help students better understand and cope with the test. The speaking test is divided into two levels, namely, YCT (Beginner Level), YCT (Intermediate Level). YCT certificate can be used in applications for school transfer, study abroad and scholarships.

The corresponding relationship between the YCT speaking test levels and the "International Chinese Language Proficiency Standard" and the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF)" is shown in the following table:

YCT Speaking Test


International Chinese Language proficiency Standards

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF)



Level 5



Level 4


YCT (Intermediate Level)

About 400 

Level 3


 YCT(Beginner Level)

About 200 

Level 2


Level 1




The number of YCT speaking test questions and the duration of the exam for each level are shown in the table below:

YCT Speaking Test

             Number of Items


YCT(Beginner Level)


About 17 

YCT(Intermediate Level)


About 19 

The YCT speaking test is conducted in a recording format and adopts the "listening and speaking" and "reading and speaking" modes to test the oral Chinese expression abilities of candidates. Candidates can freely choose to apply based on their actual level.

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