Small Animal Riddles, Can You Guess It Right? (Part 9)

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Welcome to another exciting edition of Small Animal Riddles! Today, we have a fun and intriguing riddle for you. This little creature is often mistaken for something it's not, and it has a unique lifestyle that makes it stand out. Can you guess what it is?

  1. People say it's a rat, but it's not a rat.
    Shuō tā shì shǔ bú shì shǔ,
  2. It climbs trees all day to eat fruits.
    zhěng tiān pá shù chī guǒ zi.

Breaking Down the Riddle

  • “说它是鼠不是鼠”
    Shuō tā shì shǔ bú shì shǔ
    This line suggests that the animal in question resembles a rat, leading people to mistakenly think it is one. However, it’s not actually a rat. This hint is crucial because it points us towards small animals that have a rat-like appearance but belong to a different species altogether. Many animals, especially small mammals, share physical similarities with rats, but have distinctive characteristics that set them apart.
  • “整天爬树吃果子”
    Zhěng tiān pá shù chī guǒ zi
    This part of the riddle provides insight into the animal’s behavior and diet. Unlike rats, which are often ground-dwellers and scavengers, the animal in question spends most of its time in trees. Its diet consists primarily of fruits, indicating that it is likely an herbivore or omnivore. This tree-climbing and fruit-eating behavior narrows down the possibilities significantly.
    Together, these clues describe an animal that is small and rodent-like but spends its days in trees eating fruit.

The answer to this riddle is the squirrel (松鼠, sōng shǔ).

Key Sentences:

  1. The squirrel is jumping from tree to tree.
    Sōng shǔ zài shù jiān tiào yuè.
  2. Squirrels love to eat nuts and fruits.
    Sōng shǔ xǐ huān chī jiān guǒ hé shuǐ guǒ.
  3. I saw a squirrel gathering food in the park.
    Wǒ zài gōng yuán kàn dào yī zhǐ sōng shǔ zài shōu jí shí wù.

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