Small Animal Riddles, Can You Guess it Right? (Part 6)

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Welcome back to our series on small animal riddles! Today, we have another riddle for you to solve.

  1. Has a tail, wears a coat, 
    Zhǎngzhe wěibā, chuānzhe wàiyī,
  2. visits homes, causing trouble nonstop.


     jiālǐ zuòkè, dǎoluàn bù tíng.

Let's break it down step by step.

  • "长着尾巴" (zhǎng zhe wěi bā) means "has a tail". This indicates that the animal we're thinking of has a prominent tail.
  • "穿着外衣" (chuān zhe wài yī) translates to "wears a coat", which might describe the animal's fur or skin covering.
  • "家里做客" (jiā lǐ zuò kè) means "visits homes". This clue suggests that this animal often appears in people's houses.
  • "捣乱不停" (dǎo luàn bù tíng) translates to "causing trouble nonstop", indicating that the animal is known for being disruptive or mischievous.

Answer: mouse-老鼠( lǎo shǔ)

Key Sentences:

  1. The mouse ran across the kitchen floor.

Lǎoshǔ pǎoguò chúfáng de dìbǎn.
  2. We set up traps to catch the mouse.

Wǒmen shèzhìle bǔshǔ qì lái zhuā lǎoshǔ.
  3. The mouse nibbled on the cheese.

Lǎoshǔ kěnle nǎilào.

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