Have a Try! Guess Chinese Riddles About Animals (Part 2)

Monday, May 20, 2024

Welcome back to our series on Chinese riddles! Today, we're diving into another fascinating riddle about an animal. Chinese riddles are a wonderful way to test your mind and learn more about the rich culture and language of China. Let’s see if you can figure out today’s riddle!

  1. Ears like palm-leaf fans, body like a small hill, 
    Ěrduǒ xiàng púshàn, shēnzi xiàng xiǎo shān,
  2. nose is long and long, helps people do work.
    bízi cháng yòu cháng, bāng rén bǎ huó gàn.


大象 (Dà xiàng) - Elephant

The Elephant in Chinese Culture

Elephants (大象) are not only magnificent creatures but also hold symbolic meanings in various cultures, including Chinese culture. They are often associated with strength, wisdom, and good fortune. In traditional Chinese folklore, elephants are revered for their size, power, and gentle nature.

Understanding the Riddle

This riddle beautifully describes the distinct features of an elephant:

  • "耳朵像蒲扇" (Ears like palm-leaf fans): Elephants have large, flapping ears that resemble palm-leaf fans.
  • "身子像小山" (Body like a small hill): The massive body of an elephant is often compared to the size of a small hill.
  • "鼻子长又长" (Nose is long and long): An elephant’s trunk is its most notable feature, long and versatile.
  • "帮人把活干" (Helps people do work): Elephants have been used as working animals in various cultures, known for their strength and ability to assist humans in heavy tasks.

Key Sentences:

  1. The elephant has big ears. 
    Dà xiàng yǒu dà ěr duǒ.
  2. The elephant is very strong. 
    Dà xiàng hěn qiáng zhuàng.
  3. The elephant uses its trunk to drink water. 
    Dà xiàng yòng tā de bí zi hē shuǐ.

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