Small Animal Riddles, Can You Guess it Right? (Part 4)

Monday, May 27, 2024

Welcome back to our series on small animal riddles! We've been having a great time exploring these fun and challenging riddles, and we hope you have too. Today, we have another intriguing puzzle for you. Let’s see if you can solve this one.

  1. Has a white belly and a flowery back,


    dù pí bái bái bèi chūn huā,
  2. Doesn’t eat meat, doesn’t eat melons,

bù chī ròu yě bù chī guā,
  3. Specializes in eating mosquitoes, calls out "croak croak."


    zhuān chī wén chóng jiào guā guā.

Let's break it down to figure out the answer.

  • "肚皮白白背春花" (dù pí bái bái bèi chūn huā) translates to "has a white belly and a flowery back." This description gives us an idea of the animal's appearance, with a white underside and a patterned or colorful back.
  • "不吃肉也不吃瓜" (bù chī ròu yě bù chī guā) means "doesn’t eat meat, doesn’t eat melons." This clue tells us about the animal's diet, indicating it doesn’t consume meat or fruits.
  • Finally, "专吃蚊虫叫呱呱" (zhuān chī wén chóng jiào guā guā) translates to "specializes in eating mosquitoes, calls out 'croak croak.'" This is a big hint, as it tells us that the animal's diet consists mainly of mosquitoes and it makes a distinctive "croak" sound.

Putting all these clues together, it becomes clear that the animal in question is a frog.

Key Sentences:

  1. The frog jumped into the pond.

    Qīngwā tiàojìnle chítáng.
  2. Frogs are known for their croaking sounds.

Qīngwā yǐ qí guāguā jiàoshēng ér wénmíng.
  3. We saw a frog sitting on a lily pad.


    Wǒmen kàn dào yī zhī qīngwā zuò zài hé yè shàng.

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