Easy Chinese Animal Riddles for Kids (Part 8)

Friday, May 31, 2024

Let's enjoy another engaging and educational riddle about animals! This one describes a creature that might seem lazy but is actually quite valuable. Can you guess what it is?

  1. There is a lazy guy, who only eats and doesn't work.
    Yǒu gè lǎn jiā huǒ, guāng chī bù zuò gōng
  2. It seems useless, but its whole body is valuable.
    Kàn shì wú yòng chù, quán shēn dōu shì bǎo

Breaking Down the Riddle

  • 有个懒家伙,光吃不做工
    Yǒu gè lǎn jiā huǒ, guāng chī bù zuò gōng
    This line hints at an animal that appears lazy because it eats a lot and doesn't seem to work.
  • 看似无用处,全身都是宝
    Kàn shì wú yòng chù, quán shēn dōu shì bǎo
    Despite its seemingly lazy nature, every part of this animal is valuable.

The answer to this riddle is the pig (猪, zhū). Although pigs might seem lazy and unproductive at first glance, they are incredibly valuable for their meat and other by-products.

Key Sentences:

  1. The pig is eating in the pen.
    Zhū zài quān lǐ chī dōng xi.
  2. Pigs can provide us with meat.
    Zhū kě yǐ wèi wǒ men tí gōng ròu.
  3. The farmer takes good care of the pigs.
    Nóng fū hěn hǎo de zhào gù zhū.

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