Small Animal Riddles, Can You Guess It Right? (Part 12)

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Welcome back to our small animal riddles series! Today’s riddle is particularly tricky and features a creature with some very distinctive traits. Can you figure out what it is?

  1. It's said to be an ox, but it doesn't pull a plow.
    shuō tā shì tiáo niú, què bù huì lā lí
  2. Laugh at its small strength, it runs with its house on its back.
    xiào tā lì qì xiǎo, bēi zhe wū zi pǎo
  • 说它是条牛,却不会拉犁
    shuō tā shì tiáo niú, què bù huì lā lí
    The first two lines compare this small animal to an ox, but note that it doesn’t have the strength to pull a plow. This implies that while it might share some characteristics with a stronger animal, it lacks the physical power of an ox.
  • 笑它力气小,背着屋子跑
    xiào tā lì qì xiǎo, bēi zhe wū zi pǎo
    The next two lines point out its small size and limited strength. However, what makes this creature unique is that it carries its house on its back, moving slowly but steadily wherever it goes.

So, have you guessed it yet? It's the snail 蜗牛 (wō niú)!

Snails are fascinating creatures known for their slow movement and the shell they carry on their backs, which serves as their portable home.

Key Sentences:

  1. The snail crawls slowly on the leaf.

wō niú zài yè zi shàng màn màn pá xíng.
  2. The snail hides in its shell.


    wō niú duǒ zài ké lǐ.
  3. The snail leaves a trail of slime.


    wō niú liú xià le yī tiáo nián yè de hén jì.

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