Small Animal Riddles, Can You Guess It Right? (Part 14)

Friday, June 7, 2024

Another riddle awaits you in our small animal series! This one gives hints about a very interesting creature. See if you can figure it out with the clues provided.

  1. Little builder, working together to make a house.
    xiǎo xiǎo jiàn zhù shī, hé lì zuò fáng zi
  2. When are they busiest? When the flowers bloom.
    hé shí zuì máng lù, dài nà huā kāi shí
  • 小小建筑师,合力做房子
    (xiǎo xiǎo jiàn zhù shī, hé lì zuò fáng zi)
    The first two lines describe this small creature as a builder that collaborates with others to construct a home. This indicates an animal known for its teamwork and construction skills.
  • 何时最忙碌,待那花开时
    (hé shí zuì máng lù, dài nà huā kāi shí)
    The next two lines tell us that this animal is busiest when flowers are in bloom. This suggests that their activity is closely linked to flowering plants.

So, have you guessed it yet? It's the bee 蜜蜂 (mì fēng)!

Bees are incredible insects known for their role in pollination and their ability to build intricate hives. They are most active during the blooming season when they collect nectar and pollen.

Key Sentences:

  1. The bee buzzes around the flowers.


    mì fēng zài huā cóng zhōng wēng wēng fēi.
  2. The bee returns to the hive with pollen.


    mì fēng dài zhe huā fěn huí dào fēng cháo.
  3. The bee is essential for pollinating crops.

mì fēng duì zuò wù de shòu fěn zhì guān zhòng yào.

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