Small Animal Riddles, Can You Guess It Right? (Part 15)

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

In this part of our animal riddles series, we have a riddle that describes a small but interesting creature. Can you guess what it is? Let's explore the clues and find out!

  1. Busy little soldiers, diligent and precise in their work.
    máng lù xiǎo bīng dīng, gōng shì qín yòu jīng
  2. How strong they are, working together with great enthusiasm.
    lì qì hé qí dà, hé zuò yòu rè chéng
  • 忙碌小兵丁,工事勤又精
    (máng lù xiǎo bīng dīng, gōng shì qín yòu jīng)
    The first two lines describe these small creatures as busy little soldiers who are hardworking and meticulous in their tasks. This suggests an animal known for its industrious nature and attention to detail.
  • 力气何其大,合作又热诚
    (lì qì hé qí dà, hé zuò yòu rè chéng)
    The next two lines highlight their impressive strength and the enthusiastic cooperation they exhibit. This points to an animal that excels in teamwork and possesses remarkable physical capabilities relative to its size.

So, have you guessed it yet? It's the ant 蚂蚁 (mǎ yǐ)!

Ants are renowned for their hardworking nature, strength, and the ability to work together in large colonies. They are capable of carrying objects many times their own weight and are highly organized in their activities.

Key Sentences:

  1. The ant carries a leaf back to the nest.


    mǎ yǐ bǎ yī piàn yè zi bān huí cháo xué.
  2. The ant scouts for food with its colony.

mǎ yǐ hé tā de tóng bàn yī qǐ xún zhǎo shí wù.
  3. The ant builds intricate tunnels underground.


    mǎ yǐ zài dì xià jiàn zào fù zá de suì dào.

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