Small Animal Riddles, Can You Guess It Right? (Part 28)

Monday, June 24, 2024

Welcome to Part 28 of our small animal riddles series! Today's riddle features a fascinating creature known for its unique defense mechanism and love for garden adventures. Let's see if you can guess what it is from the clues below:

  1. Body covered in a gray needle blanket, 
    shēn pī huī zhēn tǎn,
  2. often runs to the melon field, 
    cháng wǎng guā dì cuàn,
  3. when encountering an enemy, 
    yù dào dí rén lái,
  4. immediately rolls into a ball.
    lì jí juǎn chéng tuán.

Let's dive into the riddle!

  • The first two lines, "身披灰针毯,常往瓜地窜," describe an animal with a body covered in something resembling a gray blanket of needles. This animal is known for frequently running to melon fields. These clues point us towards a small, spiky animal that enjoys being in gardens or fields.
  • The next two lines, "遇到敌人来,立即卷成团," explain the animal's behavior when faced with danger. It rolls itself into a ball immediately, using its spiky covering as a defense mechanism. This is a distinctive trait of the hedgehog, which curls up to protect itself from predators.

So, the answer to the riddle is a 刺猬 (cì wèi) hedgehog!

Key Sentences:

  1. When hedgehogs encounter danger, they curl up into a small ball.
    Cì wèi yù dào wēi xiǎn shí huì juǎn chéng yī gè xiǎo qiú.
  2. Hedgehogs are often active at night, searching for food. 
    Cì wèi cháng zài yè wǎn huó dòng, xún zhǎo shí wù.
  3. Farmers like hedgehogs because they eat pests. 
    Nóng mín men xǐ huān cì wèi, yīn wèi tā men chī hài chóng.

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