Small Animal Riddles, Can You Guess It Right? (Part 27)

Monday, June 24, 2024

Welcome back to our series of small animal riddles! Today, we have another puzzling riddle for you to solve. Can you figure out which animal we're describing? Here it goes:

  1. Born with a truly odd feature, 
    yī wù shēng lái zhēn qí guài,
  2. Under its belly,a pouch grows bigger, 
    dù xià zhǎng gè pí kǒu dài,
  3. Babies in the pouch eat and sleep, 
    hái zi dài lǐ chī hé shuì,
  4. Not fast at running but quick to leap.
    pǎo dé bù kuài tiào dé kuài.

Let's break down this riddle and see if you can guess the answer!

  • 一物生来真奇怪-
yī wù shēng lái zhēn qí guài
    This line emphasizes the oddness of this creature from birth. It suggests that it has a unique characteristic.
  • 肚下长个皮口袋
-dù xià zhǎng gè pí kǒu dài
    The riddle then describes a pouch growing under its belly. This feature is distinct and associated with a particular animal.
  • 孩子袋里吃和睡
-hái zi dài lǐ chī hé shuì

    The pouch is where the babies eat and sleep, hinting at the reproductive behavior of this animal.
  • 跑得不快跳得快-
pǎo dé bù kuài tiào dé kuài

    Finally, it mentions that this animal is not fast at running but is quick to leap, giving a clue about its movement style.

If you guessed a 袋鼠 (dài shǔ) kangaroo, you are correct! Kangaroos, known for their pouches and hopping locomotion, fit this description perfectly.

Key Sentences:

  1. Kangaroos are marsupials with pouches. 
    dài shǔ shì yǒu pí dài de yǒu dài dòng wù.
  2. Kangaroos carry their young in their pouches. 
    dài shǔ yòng pí dài bēi zhe yòu zǎi.
  3. Kangaroos move by hopping. 
    dài shǔ yǐ tiào yuè yí dòng.

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