Small Animal Riddles, Can You Guess It Right? (Part 24)

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Welcome back to our series of small animal riddles! Today, we have another fun and intriguing riddle for you. Can you figure out which animal we're describing? Here it goes:

  1. Pointed snout, slender legs, 
    jiān jiān zuǐ, xì xì tuǐ,
  2. Cunning and suspicious, drags a long tail.
    jiǎo huá yòu duō yí, tuō zhe dà cháng wěi.

Let's break down this riddle and see if you can guess the answer!

  • 尖尖嘴,细细腿-
jiān jiān zuǐ, xì xì tuǐ

    This line describes an animal with a pointed snout and slender legs. These features are characteristic of a certain small, agile mammal.
  • 狡猾又多疑,拖着大长尾
-jiǎo huá yòu duō yí, tuō zhe dà cháng wěi

    This part tells us that the animal is cunning and suspicious, with a long tail. An animal known for its cleverness and distinctive tail fits this description well.

If you guessed a 狐狸 (hú li) fox, you are correct! The fox, known for its cunning behavior and bushy tail, fits this description perfectly.

Key Sentences:

  1. Foxes are known for their cleverness. 

    hú li yǐ cōng míng zhù chēng.
  2. Foxes have long, bushy tails. 
    hú li yǒu cháng ér péng sōng de wěi bā.
  3. Foxes are often wary and elusive. 
    hú li tōng cháng fēi cháng jǐng jué qiě nán yǐ zhuō mō.

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