Small Animal Riddles, Can You Guess It Right? (Part 22)

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Welcome back to our series of small animal riddles! Today, we have another fun and intriguing riddle for you. Can you figure out which animal we're describing? Here it goes:

  1. Say it's a cat, yet it can fly high, 
    shuō tā shì zhī māo, què néng fēi de gāo,
  2. Hides in the treetops during the day, 
    bái tiān cáng shù shāo,
  3. At night it grabs things away.
    yè wǎn bǎ wù diāo.

Let's break down this riddle and see if you can guess the answer!

  • 说它是只猫,却能飞得高
-shuō tā shì zhī māo, què néng fēi de gāo

    This line says it's like a cat, but it can fly high. What animal could this be? We often associate cats with stealth and sharp senses. However, the ability to fly high suggests it might be a bird.
  • 白天藏树梢,夜晚把物叼-
bái tiān cáng shù shāo, yè wǎn bǎ wù diāo

    This part tells us that it hides in the treetops during the day and grabs things at night. An animal that is active at night and has a habit of hiding during the day further narrows down our options.

Key Sentences:

  1. Owls are mysterious birds.
    māo tóu yīng shì yī zhǒng shén mì de niǎo.
  2. Owls see well in the dark.
    māo tóu yīng zài hēi àn zhōng shì lì hěn hǎo.
  3. Owls hunt at night.
    māo tóu yīng zài yè jiān bǔ liè.

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