Old Mare Leading the Way-老马识途 (lǎo mǎ shí tú)

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

"老马识途" (lǎo mǎ shí tú) is an idiom rooted in traditional Chinese rural wisdom. The story narrates an encounter between an elderly farmer and his reliable workhorse. On a long journey, the old farmer relied on his seasoned horse to navigate through unfamiliar terrain, traversing mountains and rivers. The old horse seemed to possess the uncanny ability to 认出 (rèn chū) recognize the lay of the land and the best paths to take, guiding the farmer to their destination in a remarkable manner.Time and time again, the old farmer felt immense gratitude because the horse's experience and intuition ensured the safety and smoothness of their journey. This Chinese story underscores the importance of experience and wisdom when facing unknown challenges.

认出 (rèn chū), verb, recognize


  1. She can recognize her best friend in a crowd.
    Tā nénggòu zài rénqún zhōng rènchū tā zuìhǎo de péngyǒu.
  2. I recognize this song; it's one of my favorites.
    Wǒ rènchū zhè shǒu gē, tā shì wǒ zuì xǐhuān de zhī yī.

The Inspiration of "老马识途" (lǎo mǎ shí tú)

The story of "老马识途" (lǎo mǎ shí tú) teaches us that experience and wisdom are invaluable treasures. In the face of unfamiliar roads and challenges, the seasoned experience can act as our guiding light and support.

The Meaning of the Phrase

"老马识途" (lǎo mǎ shí tú) signifies that those with substantial experience and wisdom in a particular field can provide valuable guidance and assistance in various circumstances.

Application in Modern Times

In modern society, this concept is equally applicable. Seeking advice from experienced mentors or experts can help us better cope with challenges and uncertainties. It also underscores the importance of respecting and harnessing the wisdom of the older generation for improved 指导 (zhǐ dǎo) guidance.

指导 (zhǐ dǎo), noun, guidance


  1. She sought the teacher's guidance.
    Tā xúnqiú lǎoshī de zhǐdǎo.
  2. Mom guided my math.
    Māmā zhǐdǎo le wǒ de shùxué.

Key Sentences:

  1. He's been a chef for decades; he truly embodies "an old horse knows the way."
    Tā dāngle jǐshí nián de chúshī, tā quèshí tǐxiànle “lǎo mǎ shí tú.”
  2. she has that "an old horse knows the way" wisdom.
    Tā jùbèi “lǎo mǎ shí tú” de zhìhuì.
  3. Learning from experienced mentors is a way to embrace "an old horse knows the way."
    Xiàng yǒu jīngyàn de dǎoshī xuéxí shì "lǎo mǎ shí tú" de yī zhǒng fāngshì。

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