Children Story-The pony crossed the river-xiao ma guo he 小马过河

Monday, January 16, 2023

An old horse and a pony live in the stable.

One day, the old horse said to the little horse, "You have grown up. Can you help your mother?" The little horse said, "Why not? I'm willing to help you." The old horse said happily, "That's good. Take this half bag of wheat to the mill."

The pony picked up the wheat and ran quickly to the mill. Running, a small river blocked the way. The pony was in a dilemma and thought: Can I go there? If my mother is around, ask her what to do!

He looked around and saw an old cow grazing by the river. The pony ran over and asked, "Uncle Cattle, please tell me if I can cross this river."

The pony listened to the words of Lao Cattle and immediately ran to the river to prepare for crossing. Suddenly, a squirrel jumped down from the tree and stopped him and shouted: "Don't cross the river, pony, the river will drown you!" The pony asked in surprise: "Is the water very deep?" The squirrel said seriously: "It's very deep! Yesterday, one of my partners fell into this river and drowned!"

The pony stopped at once and didn't know what to do. He sighed and said, "Alas! I'd better go home and ask my mother!"

The pony wagged its tail and ran home. His mother asked, "Why did he come back?" The pony said shyly, "A river is blocking me. I... I can't cross it." His mother said, "Isn't that river very shallow?" The pony said, "Yes! Uncle Cattle also said so. But the squirrel said that the river was very deep and drowned his partner!" His mother said, "So is the river deep or shallow? Have you thought about what they said carefully?" The pony lowered his head, said: "Never... never thought about it." Mother kindly said to the pony: "My son, just listen to others, don't use your brain, don't try. The river is deep or shallow, you will understand if you try."

The pony ran to the river, and just raised his front hoof, the squirrel shouted again: "Why, you don't want to die!" The pony said: "Let me try." He went down the river and crossed it carefully. It turned out that the river was neither as shallow as Lao Cattle said nor as deep as the squirrel said.

The story of the pony crossed the river-xiao ma guo he, tells us that whatever things is, we need to experience with ourselves, not just hear about what other people said.


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