Riding the Fast Lane to Success-马到成功 (mǎ dào chéng gōng)

Saturday, October 14, 2023

"马到成功" (mǎ dào chéng gōng) is a Chinese idiom that translates to "success at a gallop." This idiom originates from a traditional Chinese story and carries a profound message. It holds a significant place in ancient Chinese culture and continues to offer valuable lessons for modern life.

The Story

The story takes place in ancient China, where a young scholar embarked on a journey to the capital city to participate in the imperial examination, aspiring to become a government official. He set out on his horse, facing a road fraught with challenges and difficulties. However, he firmly believed in his abilities and relentlessly worked hard, overcoming various obstacles. On his journey, the scholar encountered an experienced elderly man who said, "Young man, the horse you ride is an excellent steed that can lead you to success at a gallop. Keep persevering, and success awaits you just ahead." Encouraged by these words, the scholar's determination grew stronger. Ultimately, the scholar reached the capital city, successfully passed the imperial examination, and 赚得 (zhuàn dé) earned a high-ranking government position. His horse, too, became renowned for its diligence and hard work.

赚得 (zhuàn dé) ,verb,earned


  1. She earned a promotion through her hard work.
    Tā tōngguò nǔlì gōngzuò zhuàn dé le jìnshēng.
  2. They earned a substantial profit from their successful business venture.
    Tāmen tōngguò chénggōng de shāngyè màoxiǎn zhuàn dé le kěguān de lìrùn.


This story teaches us that success is not achieved overnight but requires unwavering effort and self-belief. The key to "马到成功" (mǎ dào chéng gōng) lies in persistence, fearlessness in the face of challenges, and confidence in one's abilities.

This idiom also reminds us of the importance of our inner attitude and beliefs in achieving success. Just as the scholar believed his horse could lead him to success, we should have faith in our own abilities, face challenges with optimism, and march forward with courage.

Modern Application

The spirit of "马到成功" (mǎ dào chéng gōng) remains highly relevant in modern society. Whether in our careers, education, or daily lives, persistence and a positive attitude are crucial to achieving success. We can apply this wisdom to our everyday 存在(cúnzài) existence, continuously pursue our goals, overcome obstacles, and believe in our potential to ultimately achieve success.

存在 (cún zài),noun,existence


  1.  I exist in this world.
    Wǒ cúnzài yú zhège shìjiè shàng.
  2. This book exists in the library.
    Zhè běn shū cúnzài túshūguǎn lǐ.

Key Sentences:

  1. He worked hard, and his project was success at a gallop. 
    Tā nǔlì gōngzuò, xiàngmù mǎ dào chénggōng le.
  2. With determination, she faced challenges success at a gallop. 
    Tā jiāndìng miànduì tiǎozhàn, mǎ dào chénggōng.
  3. Through persistence, he overcame obstacles success at a gallop. 
    Tōngguò jiānchí, tā kèfú le kùnnán, mǎ dào chénggōng.

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