Chinese song-White dragon horse-bai long ma-白龙马

Monday, July 10, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Today we will learn a song about White dragon horse. Have you heard before? Let's get started.

White dragon horse hooves to the west, carrying Tang Sanzang followed by three apprentices;
bái  lóng  mǎ  tí  er  zhāo  xī  ,  tuó  zhe  táng  sān  zàng  gēn  zhe  sā  tú  di;  

To the west via the main road, a walk is tens of thousands of miles.
xī  tiān  qǔ  jīng  shàng  dà  lù  ,  yī  zǒu  jiù  shì  jǐ  wàn  li。 

demons,  beauty painted skin;
shén  me  yāo  mó  guǐ  guài  ,  shén  me  měi  nǚ  huà  pí;

What fires and traps and tricks;
shén  me  dāo  shān  huǒ  hǎi  ,  shén  me  xiàn  jǐng  guǐ  jì;

Can not stop the eyes of the wishful rod, escorted the apprentice to the west.
dōu  dǎng  bù  zhù  huǒ  yǎn  jīn  jīng  de  rú  yì  bàng  ,  hù  sòng  shī  tú  zhāo  xī  qù。  

White dragon horse neck jingle urgent, bumpy Tang Xuanzang trotting three brothers;
bái  lóng  mǎ  bó  líng  er  jí  ,  diān  bǒ  táng  xuán  zàng  xiǎo  pǎo  sā  xiōng  di;

It is not easy to learn lessons from the West.
 xī  tiān  qǔ  jīng  bù  róng  yì  ,  róng  yì  gàn  bù  chéng  dà  yè  jī。

Magic is vicious, its own magic;
shén  me  mó  fǎ  hěn  dú  ,  zì  yǒu  zhāo  shù  shén  qí; 
Eighty-one difficult block, seventy-two change the enemy;
bā  shí  yī  nàn  lán  lù  ,  qī  shí  èr  biàn  zhì  dí;

Four masters cut demons, fighting demons concentric force;
shī  tú  sì  gè  zhǎn  yāo  ,  dòu  mó  tóng  xīn  hé  lì ;

Evil cannot beat good.
邪恶打不过正义。                                                                                                                                                              xié  è  dǎ  bù  guò  zhèng  yì。 

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