Chinese song-White dragon horse-bai long ma-白龙马

Monday, July 10, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Today we will learn a song about White dragon horse. Have you heard before? Let's get started.

White dragon horse hooves to the west, 
bái  lóng  mǎ  tí  er  zhāo  xī,   

Carrying Tang Sanzang followed by three apprentices;
tuó  zhe  táng  sān  zàng  gēn  zhe  sā  tú  di;

To the west via the main road, 
xī  tiān  qǔ  jīng  shàng  dà  lù,  

A walk is tens of thousands of miles.
yī  zǒu  jiù  shì  jǐ  wàn  li.

Demons,  beauty painted skin;
shén  me  yāo  mó  guǐ  guài, shén  me  měi  nǚ  huà  pí;

What fires and traps and tricks;
shén  me  dāo  shān  huǒ  hǎi, shén  me  xiàn  jǐng  guǐ  jì;

Demons,  beauty painted skin;
shén  me  yāo  mó  guǐ  guài, shén  me  měi  nǚ  huà  pí;

What fires and traps and tricks;
shén  me  dāo  shān  huǒ  hǎi, shén  me  xiàn  jǐng  guǐ  jì;

Can not stop the eyes of the wishful rod, 
dōu  dǎng  bù  zhù  huǒ  yǎn  jīn  jīng  de  rú  yì  bàng,  

Escorted the apprentice to the west.
hù  sòng  shī  tú  zhāo  xī  qù. 

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