Chinese Songs-Jingle bells-ling er xiang ding dang-铃儿响叮当

Monday, June 26, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Today we will learn a song about Jingle bells. Have you heard before? Let's get started.

Dashing through the snow.On a one-horse open sleigh,
冲破大风雪 我们坐在雪橇上,
chōng  pò  dà  fēng  xuě  wǒ  men  zuò  zài  xuě  qiāo  shàng,  

Over the fields we go.Laughing all the way,
奔驰过田野 我们欢笑又歌唱,
bēn  chí  guò  tián  yě  wǒ  men  huān  xiào  yòu  gē  chàng, 

Bells on bob-tail ring,making spirits bright,
马儿铃声响 令人精神多欢畅,
mǎ  er  líng  shēng  xiǎng  lìng  rén  jīng  shén  duō  huān  chàng, 

What fun it is to ride and sing.A sleighing song tonight,
今晚滑雪真快乐 把滑雪歌儿唱,
jīn  wǎn  huá  xuě  zhēn  kuài  lè  bǎ  huá  xuě  gē  er  chàng,

Jingle bells, Jingle Bells,jingle all the way,
dīng  dīng  dāng,dīng  dīng  dāng,líng  er  xiǎng  dīng  dāng,  

Oh what fun it is to ride.In a one-horse open sleigh,
jīn  wǎn  huá  xuě  duō  kuài  lè  wǒ  men  zuò  zài  xuě  qiāo  shàng,

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells.Jingle all the way,
dīng  dīng  dāng  dīng  dīng  dāng  líng  er  xiǎng  dīng  dāng, 

Oh what fun it is to ride.In a one horse open sleigh,
jīn  wǎn  huá  xuě  duō  kuài  lè  wǒ  men  zuò  zài  xuě  qiāo  shàng,
A day or two ago.I thought I’d take a ride,
在这白雪遍地 趁这年轻好时光,
zài  zhè  bái  xuě  biàn  dì  chèn  zhè  nián  qīng  hǎo  shí  guāng,

And soon Miss Fanny Bright.Was seated by my side,
带上心爱的朋友 把滑雪歌儿唱,
dài  shàng  xīn  ài  de  péng  you  bǎ  huá  xuě  gē  er  chàng, 

The horse was lean and lank.Misfortune seemed his lot,
有一匹栗色马 它日行千里长,
yǒu  yī  pǐ  lì  sè  mǎ  tā  rì  xíng  qiān  lǐ  chǎng,  

He got into a drifted bank.And we, we got upsot,
我们把它套在雪橇上 就飞奔向前方,
wǒ  men  bǎ  tā  tào  zài  xuě  qiāo  shàng  jiù  fēi  bēn  xiàng  qián  fāng,

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells.Jingle all the way,
dīng  dīng  dāng  dīng  dīng  dāng  líng  er  xiǎng  dīng  dāng,

Oh What fun it is to ride.In a one-horse open sleigh,
jīn  wǎn  huá  xuě  duō  kuài  lè  wǒ  men  zuò  zài  xuě  qiāo  shàng,
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells.Jingle all the way,
dīng  dīng  dāng  dīng  dīng  dāng  líng  er  xiǎng  dīng  dāng,  

Oh what fun it is to ride.In a one horse open sleigh.
jīn  wǎn  huá  xuě  duō  kuài  lè  wǒ  men  zuò  zài  xuě  qiāo  shàng。  

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