Chinese Songs-Lu Binghua-lu bing hua-鲁冰花

Monday, April 10, 2023

Every night I think of my mother's words,
yè  yè  xiǎng  qǐ  mā  ma  de  huà, 

Sparkling tears of ice,
闪闪的泪光 鲁冰花,
shǎn  shǎn  de  lèi  guāng  lǔ  bīng  huā,  

The stars in the sky do not speak,
tiān  shàng  de  xīng  xing  bù  shuō  huà,  

The doll on the ground misses its mother,
di  shàng  de  wá  wa  xiǎng  mā  ma,  

The eye of heaven blinked and blinked,
tiān  shàng  de  yǎn  jing  zhǎ  ya  zhǎ, 

Mother's heart ah Lu Binghua.
mā  mā  de  xīn  a  lǔ  bīng  huā。  

The tea garden in my hometown is in full bloom,
 jiā  xiāng  de  chá  yuán  kāi  mǎn  huā, 

Mother's heart is in the world,
mā  mā  de  xīn  gān  zài  tiān  yá,  

Every night I think of my mother's words,
yè  yè  xiǎng  qǐ  mā  ma  de  huà,  

Sparkling tears of ice.
闪闪的泪光 鲁冰花。
shǎn  shǎn  de  lèi  guāng  lǔ  bīng  huā。  


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