Chinese Songs-Grandma's Penghu Bay-wai po de peng hu wan-外婆的澎湖湾

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

The night wind is blowing gently in Penghu Bay, and white waves are sweeping the beach,
wǎn  fēng  qīng  fú  péng  hú  wān,bái  làng  zhú  shā  tān,

There is no coconut grove setting the sun, just a piece of sea blue,
méi  yǒu  yē  lín  zhuì  xié  yáng,zhǐ  shì  yī  piàn  hǎi  lán  lán,

Sitting in front of the low wall, think over and over again, there are two and a half pairs of foodprints on the beach at dusk.
zuò  zài  mén  qián  de  ǎi  qiáng  shàng  yī  biàn  biàn  huái  xiǎng,yě  shì  huáng  hūn  de  shā  tān  shàng  yǒu zhe  jiǎo  yìn  liǎng  duì  bàn, 

It was my grandmother leaning on her stick to hold my hand gently, stepping on the sunset toward the warm Penghu Bay,
nà  shì  wài  pó  zhǔ  zhe  zhàng  jiāng  wǒ  shǒu  qīng  qīng  wǎn,cǎi  zhe  bó  mù  zǒu  xiàng  yú  huī  nuǎn  nuǎn de  péng  hú  wān,  

A footprint is a string of laughter while away many hours, until the night engulfed us on our way home,
yī  gè  jiǎo  yìn  shì  xiào  yǔ  yī  chuàn  xiāo  mó  xǔ  duō  shí  guāng,zhí  dào  yè  sè  tūn  mò  wǒ  liǎng  zài  huí  jiā de  lù  shang,  

Penghu Bay Grandmther's Penghu Bay, I have a lot of childhood fantasy,
澎湖湾 澎湖湾 外婆的澎湖湾,有我许多的童年幻想,
péng  hú  wān  péng  hú  wān  wài  pó  de  péng  hú  wān,yǒu  wǒ  xǔ  duō  de  tóng  nián  huàn  xiǎng,

Sun, sand, waves, cactus, and an old captain.
阳光 沙滩 海浪 仙人掌,还有一位老船长.
yáng  guāng  shā  tān  hǎi  làng  xiān  rén  zhǎng,hái  yǒu  yī  wèi  lǎo  chuán  zhǎng。 

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