children song-shu ya zi, count ducks 数鸭子

Monday, December 19, 2022

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Today we will learn a song about counting ducks. Have you heard before? Let's get started.

Under the bridge,
mén qián dàqiáo xià,

A flock of ducks swam across the bridge,
yóuguò yīqún yā,

Come and count,
kuài lái kuài lái shǔ yī shǔ,

Two, four, six, seven, eight,
èr, sì, liù, qī, bā.

Quack, quack, quack,
gā, gā, gā, gā,

so many!
zhēn ya zhēn duō ya!

I can't count how many ducks!
shǔ bù qīng dàodǐ duōshǎo yā!

I can't count how many ducks!
shǔ bù qīng dàodǐ duōshǎo yā!

The grandpa who herding the ducks,
gǎn yā lǎo yéyé,

With white beard,
húzi bái huāhuā,

Singing the local opera,
chàng ya chàngzhe jiāxiāng xì,

can also tell jokes.
hái huì shuō xiàohuà.

child, child,
xiǎohái, xiǎohái,

go to school quickly,
kuài kuài shàng xuéxiào,

Don't get a zero and take it home!
bié kǎo gè yādàn bào huí jiā!

Don't get a zero and take it home!
bié kǎo gè yādàn bào huí jiā!


This low-grade song sung by a child solo depicts a child innocently singing the ducks down the bridge, vividly expressing the child's babbling and the expectations of the elders for their growing up. The lyrics of the work are kind and vivid, full of children's songs. The melody is lively and sweet, the form is simple, the rhythm is cheerful, the combination of reading and singing is easy to learn and sing, and it is welcomed and loved by children. A classic nursery rhyme from the 80s that is still very popular with children today. Probably mainly because its lyrics are easy to understand and interesting.

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