Chinese Songs-Worms fly-chong er fei-虫儿飞

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Today we will learn a song about worms-fly. Have you heard before? Let's get started.

dark dark sky is bowed,
hēi  hēi  de  tiān  kōng  dī  chuí, 

bright bright stars follows,
liàng  liàng  de  fán  xīng  xiāng  suí, 

worms fly, worms fly,
 chóng  er  fēi  chóng  er  fēi,

who are you missing? 
nǐ  zài  sī  niàn  shuí?

stars in the sky weep,
tiān  shang  de  xīng  xing  liú  lèi, 

roses on the ground wither,
dì  shang  de  méi  guī  kū  wěi,

cold wind blows, cold wind blows, 
lěng  fēng  chuī  lěng  fēng  chuī, 

as long as you with me,
zhǐ  yào  yǒu  nǐ  péi,  

worms fly, flowers sleep,
chóng  er  fēi  huā  er  shuì, 

a pair another pair only nice, 
yī  shuāng  yòu  yī  duì  cái  měi, 

not afraid of dark, just afraid of heartbreak,
 bù  pà  tiān  hēi  zhǐ  pà  xīn  suì,  

no matter be tired or not.
bù  guǎn  lèi  bù  lèi.  

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