Chinese song-Little white boat-xiao bai chuan-小白船

Friday, June 9, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through songs? Here is a song named-Little white boat. Had you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

Blue sky in the Milky Way,
lán  lán  de  tiān  kōng  yín  hé  li ,
There's a little white boat,
yǒu  zhǐ  xiǎo  bái  chuán,  

There is an osmanthus tree on the ship,
chuán  shàng  yǒu  kē  guì  huā  shù, 

The white rabbit is playing,
bái  tù  zài  yóu  wán ,

The OARS are invisible,
jiǎng  er  jiǎng  er  kàn  bù  jiàn ,
There were no sails on the boat,
chuán  shàng  yě  méi  fān,
Float and float and float to the west,
piāo  ya  piāo  ya  piāo  xiàng  xī  tiān,

Cross the silver river,
dù  guò  nà  tiáo  yín  hé  shuǐ,
To the land of Clouds,
zǒu  xiàng  yún  cǎi  guó,
Through the land of clouds,
zǒu  guò  nà  ge  yún  cǎi  guó,
Where to go again?
zài  xiàng  nǎ  er  qù  ?  

In that far away place,
zài  nà  yáo  yuǎn  de  dì  fāng ,
Glistening gold,
shǎn  zhe  jīn  guāng,
The morning star is a lighthouse,
chén  xīng  shì  dēng  tǎ,
Shine and shine.
zhào  ya  zhào  de  liàng。

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