The Roaring Tiger in the Wind-虎啸风生 (hǔ xiào fēng shēng)

Saturday, October 21, 2023

"虎啸风生" (hǔ xiào fēng shēng) is a fable from ancient times that conveys many important values and lessons in a unique way. The story's content and inspiration make it a topic worth exploring, and some of its vocabulary has far-reaching impacts on modern life.

Story Content of "虎啸风生" (hǔ xiào fēng shēng)

The story of "虎啸风生" (hǔ xiào fēng shēng) tells the tale of how a small mouse confronted a mighty tiger. The tiger threatened to eat the mouse every day, leaving the mouse in fear. However, the mouse was clever. He decided to make a deal with the tiger, offering to teach the tiger a new skill every day in exchange for the tiger not eating him. The mouse taught the tiger many skills, such as dancing, whistling, and climbing trees. Over time, the tiger became increasingly 谦逊 (qiān xùn) humble because he had previously thought he was invincible. Eventually, the tiger realized the value of the mouse, no longer threatening him, and the two became friends.


谦逊 (qiān xùn), adj, humble

  1. He is a humble person who never brags about his achievements.
    Tā shì yīgè qiān xùn de rén, cóng bù chuīxù tā de chéngjiù.
  2. she remains humble and down-to-earth.
     Tā réngrán bǎochí qiān xùn hé pǔshí.


The inspiration of this story lies in the idea that sometimes, intelligence and skills are more important than brute strength. The small mouse successfully dealt with the mighty tiger through wit and cleverness, rather than attempting to fight the tiger directly. This teaches us that with intelligence and strategy, we can overcome seemingly impossible challenges. Additionally, the story emphasizes the importance of friendship and cooperation. The fact that the mouse and tiger eventually became friends shows that through mutual cooperation, we can build strong relationships, even between seemingly different individuals or entities.

Modern Application

The story of "虎啸风生" (hǔ xiào fēng shēng) still holds great inspiration in modern life. It reminds us that, regardless of the challenges we face, intelligence and strategy can help us overcome difficulties. In the workplace, education, and daily life, this story reminds us to make the most of our wisdom and seek solutions to problems. Furthermore, the story also emphasizes the value of cooperation and building friendships. In today's society, teamwork and 积极的 (jī jí de) positive interpersonal relationships are crucial. We can learn from the friendship between the mouse and the tiger that through mutual respect and cooperation, we can build stronger bonds.

积极的 (jī jí de), adj, positive


  1. She has a positive attitude towards challenges.
    Tā duì tiǎozhàn chíyǒu jījí de tàidù.
  2. Maintaining a positive outlook can improve your well-being.
     Bǎochí jījí de tàidù kěyǐ tígāo nǐ de xìngfú gǎn.

Key Sentences:

  1. He demonstrated the determination of "Roaring Like a Tiger" to overcome challenges.
    Tā zhǎnxiàn chū hǔ xiào fēng shēng de yìlì kèfúle kùnnán.
  2. She displayed the determination and perseverance of "Roaring Like a Tiger" in her work.
    Tā zài gōngzuò zhōng biǎoxiàn chū hǔ xiào fēng shēng de juéxīn hé yìlì.
  3. Her "Roaring Like a Tiger" spirit led her to victory in the competition.
    Tā hǔ xiào fēng shēng de jīngshén yíngdéle bǐsài.

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