Dragons and Tigers in Fierce Battle-龙争虎斗 (lóng zhēng hǔ dòu)

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

In the distant past, in a mysterious forest, two powerful wild animals, a dragon and a tiger, lived side by side. Their territories were adjacent, leading to frequent intense conflicts. The dragon was proud and mighty, while the tiger was cunning and fierce. Their rivalry persisted for a long time. However, during a year of severe drought, the forest suffered from a critical lack of water. The dragon and the tiger had to face a common threat. They realized that only by working together could they find a water source and continue to survive.

So, they set aside their past animosities and embarked on a joint quest to find water. Eventually, they succeeded in finding it. This experience transformed their relationship; they no longer fought but became close friends, together safeguarding the harmony of the forest.

The Inspiration

This story teaches us that sometimes, even opposing parties can resolve common problems through cooperation. Collaboration helps overcome obstacles, maintain peace, and achieve shared 目标 (mù biāo) goals. The dragon and the tiger learned this lesson under the threat of common adversity, and modern society can draw inspiration from it.

目标 (mù biāo), noun, goals


  1. She set clear goals for her career to track her progress.
    Tā wèi zìjǐ de zhíyè shèdìngle míngquè de mùbiāo, yǐ gēnzuī zìjǐ de jìnzhǎn.
  2. My main goal for today is to finish all my homework.
    Wǒ jīntiān de zhǔyào mùbiāo shì wánchéng suǒyǒu de zuòyè。

Meaning of 龙争虎斗 (lóng zhēng hǔ dòu)

"龙争虎斗" (lóng zhēng hǔ dòu) dragons and tigers Battle describes intense 竞争 (jìng zhēng) competition or rivalry where two parties are locked in fierce competition for dominance.

竞争 (jìng zhēng), noun, competition

  1. In the job market, there is always strong competition for positions in the tech industry.
    Zài zhíchǎng shàng, kējì hángyè de zhíwèi zǒng shì jìngzhēng jīliè.
  2. There's healthy competition among the students to get the highest grades in the class.
    Xuéshēngmen zhī jiān wèile zài bān lǐ huòdé zuì gāofēnshù cúnzài jiànkāng de jìngzhēng.

Modern Application

The concept of "龙争虎斗" (lóng zhēng hǔ dòu) is highly applicable in contemporary society. Competition is a part of business and life, but we should also recognize that sometimes, cooperation is more conducive to achieving shared success. Collaboration is crucial in addressing global issues, promoting social harmony, and protecting the environment.

Key Sentences

  1. In the business world, there is often fierce competition between companies.
    Zài shāngyè jiè, gōngsī zhī jiān chángcháng cúnzài jīliè de lóngzhēng hǔdòu.
  2. In their group, there is often intense competition.
    Tāmen de xiǎozǔ lǐ jīngcháng lóng zhēng hǔ dòu.
  3. During voting, there is often a situation of fierce competition.
    Tóupiào shí jīngcháng chūxiàn lóngzhēng hǔdòu de qíngkuàng.

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