Chinese story-The finishing touch-hua long dian jing-画龙点睛

Friday, June 16, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through stories? Here is a story named-The finishing touch. Have you ever heard it before? Let's take a look.

Once upon a time, there was a skilled painter who painted animals that looked like real ones.
cóng  qián  ,  yǒu  yī  gè  jì  yì  gāo  chāo  de  huà  jiā  ,  tā  huà  de  dòng  wù  jiù  xiàng  zhēn  de  yī  yàng  。

One day, when the painter was out playing, he saw a very large wall.
 yǒu  yī  tiān  ,  huà  jiā  wài  chū  qù  wán  ,  kàn  dao  yī  miàn  hěn  dà  de  qiáng  , 

He drew a dragon on the wall.
 jiù  tí  bǐ  zài  qiáng  shàng  huà  le  yī  tiáo  lóng  。
This dragon really looks like it! 
zhè  tiáo  lóng  huà  de  kě  zhēn  xiàng  a  !  

It fluttered its teeth and claws like it was about to fly.
tā  zhāng  yá  wǔ  zhǎo  ,  jiù  xiàng  yào  fēi  qǐ  lái  yī  yàng  。 

But, this dragon has no eyes.
zhǐ  shì  ,  zhè  tiáo  lóng  méi  yǒu  yǎn  jing  。

Everyone was very surprised and asked the artist, "Why don't you paint eyes on the dragon?"
dà  jiā  dōu  hěn  qí  guài  de  wèn  huà  jiā  :  “  wèi  shén  me  bù  gěi  lóng  huà  shàng  yǎn  jing  ne  ?  ”
The artist said, "Paint the eyes and the dragon will fly away."
 huà  jiā  shuō  :  “  huà  shàng  yǎn  jing  ,  lóng  jiù  huì  fēi  zǒu  le  。  ” 
No one believed it. The painter had to pick up his pen and put two eyes on the dragon.
dà  jiā  dōu  bù  xiāng  xìn  。  huà  jiā  zhǐ  hǎo  ná  qǐ  bǐ  gěi  lóng  diǎn  shàng  le  liǎng  zhǐ  yǎn  jing  。  

As soon as he finished, the dragon on the wall came to life.
gāng  diǎn  wán  ,  qiáng  shàng  de  lóng  jiù  zhēn  de  huó  le  qǐ  lái  。

It shook its head, wagged its tail, and flew up into the sky.
tā  yáo  yáo  tóu  、  bǎi  bǎi  yǐ  ,  “  hū  ”  de  yī  xià  fēi  dào  tiān  shàng  qù  la  !  

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