Full Of Life And Energy-生龙活虎 (shēnɡ lónɡ huó hǔ)

Monday, October 16, 2023

In a peaceful village, there lived an elderly man named Grandpa Li. Despite his old age, he remained 生龙活虎 (shēnɡ lónɡ huó hǔ) vibrant and energetic. He was known for his diligence and optimism, always wearing a cheerful smile, even in the face of life's constant challenges. Grandpa Li's life exemplified an old saying: "Fear no difficulties, stay vibrant and energetic; remain hopeful, unafraid of setbacks." Every morning, he would rise early, exercise, and then work in the fields, tending to his crops. His 能量 (néng liàng) energy and vitality often put younger folks to shame.

能量 (néng liàng), noun, energy


  1. I need some energy for the long day ahead.
    Wǒ xūyào yīxiē néngliàng lái miànduì màncháng de yītiān.
  2. I need a lot of energy.
    Wǒ xūyào hěnduō néngliàng.

The Inspiration

Grandpa Li's story teaches us that age is not a hindrance, and optimism and diligence are the keys to success and happiness. No matter how many difficulties you encounter, as long as you maintain a positive attitude and persevere, life will continue to be filled with vitality.

Meaning of the Phrase

The literal meaning of the phrase 生龙活虎 (shēnɡ lónɡ huó hǔ) is "lively and full of energy." It describes a person who is full of vitality and spirit. This idiom is often used to depict elderly people who are still 活泼 (huó pō) lively and energetic, but it can also be used to describe things that possess life and vigor.

活泼 (huó pō), adj, lively


  1. The children at the playground were so lively.
    Yóulèchǎng shàng de háizimen fēicháng huópō.
  2. The music made the party feel lively and fun.
    Yīnyuè ràng pàiduì biàn de chōngmǎn huólì hé yǒuqù.

Modern Application

This inspirational story can also be applied in modern life. Regardless of age, people can maintain a vibrant and energetic state through a positive mindset and relentless effort. This spirit is not only beneficial for physical health but can also be applied in one's career and daily life.

Key Sentences about 生龙活虎 (shēnɡ lónɡ huó hǔ):

  1. Despite being in his seventies, Uncle Li is still vibrant and energetic.
    Lǐ dàye suīrán yǐjīng qīxún gāo líng, rén cái shēnglónghuóhǔ.
  2. This child runs around all day; he is truly vibrant and energetic.
    Zhège háizi měitiān pǎolái pǎoqù, zhēnshi shēnglónghuóhǔ de.
  3. Maintaining a vibrant and energetic attitude can make life more fulfilling.
    Bǎochí shēnglónghuóhǔ de tàidu kěyǐ shǐ shēnghuó gèngjiā chōngshí.

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