The Aging Dragon's Resonant Chime-老态龙钟 (lǎo tài lóng zhōng)

Sunday, October 15, 2023
老态龙钟 (lǎo tài lóng zhōng), a traditional Chinese idiom, translates to "the old age of a dragon and the leisurely pace of a bell." It encapsulates the idea of gracefully embracing old age and living a tranquil, fulfilling life. This idiom originated from an ancient Chinese story.

The Story of 老态龙钟 (lǎo tài lóng zhōng)

In ancient China, there was a wise and elderly scholar named Zhang. He lived in a small village where life was simple but full of harmony. As Zhang aged, he never ceased to amaze the villagers with his wisdom and 宁静 (níng jìng) peaceful demeanor. He was known for his extraordinary knowledge and a deep sense of contentment.
宁静 (níng jìng), adj, peaceful


  1. After a long day of work, I love to relax in my peaceful garden.
    Jīngguò yītiān de xīnkǔ gōngzuò, wǒ xǐhuān zài wǒ de  huāyuán lǐ fàngsōng.
  2. The countryside offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.
    Xiāngcūn tígōngle yīgè níngjìng de bìshì zhī dì, yuǎnlí chéngshì de xuānxiāo.

The Inspiration

The story of Zhang serves as an inspiration to us all. It illustrates that aging doesn't have to be a dreaded phase of life but can be a time of tranquility, wisdom, and inner peace. It is a reminder that growing 老 (lǎo) older can be a beautiful journey if one approaches it with a positive mindset.

老 (lǎo), adj, older


  1. Grandma is already very old.
    Nǎinai yǐjīng hěn lǎo le.
  2. He gets older with each passing year.
    Tā yī nián bǐ yī nián lǎo.

Word Meaning

老态龙钟 (lǎo tài lóng zhōng) - The old age of a dragon and the leisurely pace of a bell, describing graceful aging.

宁静 (níng jìng) - A state of calm and peacefulness.

满足(mǎn zú) - A state of being satisfied with one's life and possessions.

Modern Application

In our fast-paced, modern world, the concept of 老态龙钟 (lǎo tài lóng zhōng) is more relevant than ever. Amid the chaos and busyness of life, we can learn from this idiom to find moments of peace and contentment. Embracing the wisdom of age and cherishing the simple pleasures can lead to a more fulfilling life.
Key Sentences:
  1. Grandma's graceful aging left a deep impression on us.
    Nǎinai de lǎo tài lóng zhōng gěi wǒmen liú xiàle shēnkè de yìnxiàng.
  2. In her retirement, she embraced the grace of aging, living a life of tranquility and contentment.
    Zài tuìxiū hòu, tā yōngbàole lǎo tài lóng zhōng, guòzhe níngjìng hé mǎnzú de shēnghuó.
  3. She displayed the characteristics of graceful in her old age.
    Tā zài wǎnnián shí tǐxiànle lǎo tài lóng zhōng de yàngzi.

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