One Mountain, Two Tigers: A Struggle for Dominance

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

“一山不容二虎” (yì shān bù rónɡ èr hǔ) "One Mountain Cannot Accommodate Two Tigers" is an ancient fable originating from China and widely circulated. The Chinese story revolves around two powerful tigers who meet on a great mountain and engage in territorial disputes. However, they eventually realize that continued 冲突 (chōng tū) conflict would be detrimental to both. Consequently, they decide to share the mountain peacefully, opting for cooperation over confrontation.

冲突 (chōng tū),noun,conflict


  1. The conflict between the two neighbors was resolved through peaceful dialogue.
    Zhè liǎng gè línjū zhījiān de chōngtū tōngguò hépíng duìhuà dédàole jiějué.
  2. Effective communication can help prevent conflicts in the workplace.
    Yǒuxiào de gōutōng kěyǐ bāngzhù yùfáng zhíchǎng chōngtū.

Inspiration and Meaning

The story serves as an inspiration by highlighting the value of wisdom and 合作 (hé zuò) cooperation. “一山不容二虎” (yì shān bù rónɡ èr hǔ) "One Mountain Cannot Accommodate Two Tigers" signifies that in situations involving limited resources or territory, multiple competing parties cannot coexist peacefully. The story conveys an important lesson that, in certain contexts, cooperation and resource-sharing can be more beneficial than competition.

合作 (hé zuò),noun,cooperation


  1. Effective cooperation among team members is essential for project success.
    Tuánduì chéngyuán zhījiān de yǒuxiào hézuò duì xiàngmù chénggōng zhìguān zhòngyào.
  2. International cooperation is vital for addressing global challenges such as climate change.
    Guójì hézuò duìyú jiějué qìhòu biànhuà děng quánqiú xìng tiǎozhàn zhìguān zhòngyào.

Modern Application

The story of "One Mountain Cannot Accommodate Two Tigers" holds significant relevance in contemporary society. It reminds us that in situations with limited resources, cooperation and negotiation can offer better solutions than continued rivalry. This story is also applicable to leadership and international relations, emphasizing that in specific circumstances, cooperation and compromise are key to achieving success.

  1. In this small village, there is only one farmland, and one mountain cannot accommodate two tigers, so we need to cooperate and share resources.
    Zhège xiǎo cūnzhuāng zhǐ yǒu yīgè nóngtián, yīshān bù róng èr hǔ, suǒyǐ wǒmen xūyào hézuò gòngxiǎng zīyuán.
  2. Teamwork is crucial for success because in modern business, competition often resembles the scenario of "One Mountain Cannot Accommodate Two Tigers."
    Tuánduì hézuò shì chénggōng de guānjiàn, yīnwèi zài xiàndài shāngyè zhōng, wǎngwǎng shì "yīshān bù róng èr hǔ" de jìngzhēng géjú.
  3. In international diplomatic negotiations, both nations understood the wisdom behind "One Mountain Cannot Accommodate Two Tigers" and decided to seek win-win solutions.
    Zài guójì wàijiāo tánpàn zhōng, shuāngfāng guójiā míngbái le "yīshān bù róng èr hǔ" de dàolǐ, juédìng xúnqiú gòngyíng de jiějué fāng'àn.

“一山不容二虎” (yì shān bù rónɡ èr hǔ) "One Mountain Cannot Accommodate Two Tigers". Do you understand the story? It tells us cooperation and resource-sharing can be more beneficial than competition.

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