Tiger's Defeat in Peaceful Plains: Bullied by Dogs

Monday, October 9, 2023

"虎落平阳被犬欺" (hǔ luò pínɡ yánɡ bèi quǎn qī) A Humble Tiger in a Dog's World is a well-known ancient Chinese fable that has been passed down through generations. This story tells of a tiger that becomes lost and finds itself in a peaceful village, only to be mistreated by the village dogs. Despite the tiger's might, it faces difficulties because it does not understand the local customs. This story teaches us the importance of humility, 尊重 (zūn zhòng) respect for others, and not underestimating the wisdom of those from different backgrounds.

尊重 (zūnzhòng),verb,respect


  1. It's important to respect your elders and their wisdom.
    Zūnzhòng zhǎngbèi jí qí zhìhuì shì hěn zhòngyào de.
  2. Respecting others' opinions, even if they differ from your own, is a sign of maturity.
    Zūnzhòng tārén de guāndiǎn, jíshǐ tāmen yǔ nǐ de bùtóng, shì chéngshú de biǎoxiàn.

Inspiration and Meaning

The inspiration behind this story lies in emphasizing the values of humility, respect, and wisdom. "虎落平阳被犬欺" (hǔ luò pínɡ yánɡ bèi quǎn qī) translates to "Even a tiger can be humbled when it doesn't understand its surroundings." This story teaches us to remain humble and not to look down upon others because they may possess wisdom and experience that we do not.

Modern Application

The story of "A Humble Tiger in a Dog's World" holds significant relevance in contemporary society. It reminds people to approach learning with humility and to avoid disregarding others based on their status or resources. This story also underscores the importance of understanding and respecting the wisdom of different cultures in international cooperation and 社交的 (shèjiāo de) social interactions.

社交的 (shè jiāo de),adj,social


  1. She enjoys attending social events and meeting new people.
    Tā xǐhuān cānjiā shèjiāo huódòng, rènshí xīn péngyǒu.
  2. Social media has become a significant part of modern communication.
    Shèjiāo méitǐ yǐjīng chéngwéi xiàndài jiāoliú de zhòngyào zǔchéng bùfèn.

Key Sentences:

  1. I am currently in a situation where 'A Humble Tiger in a Dog's World' applies.
    Wǒ xiànzài chǔyú yīgè hǔ luò píngyáng bèi quǎn qī de chǔjìng.
  2. The story of "A Humble Tiger in a Dog's World" teaches us to respect others' knowledge and experiences and not to become arrogant due to our advantages.
    "虎落平阳被犬欺" 的故事告诉我们要尊重他人的知识和经验,不要因为自己的优势而自大。
    "Hǔ luò píngyáng bèi quǎn qī" de gùshì gàosù wǒmen yào zūnzhòng tārén de zhīshì hé jīngyàn, bùyào yīnwèi zìjǐ de yōushì ér zìdà.
  3. Even those with great power can find themselves in difficult situations if they do not respect local customs, much like the tiger in "A Humble Tiger in a Dog's World."
    Jíshǐ yǒngyǒu qiángdà lìliàng de rén, rúguǒ bù zūnzhòng dāngdì de guīju, yě kěnéng xiàng hǔ luò píngyáng bèi quǎn qī yīyàng.

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