Dragon-Riding Groom-乘龙快婿 (chéng lóng kuài xù)

Saturday, October 21, 2023

In Chinese culture, idioms are not just expressions; they are a reflection of history, wisdom, and life lessons. 乘龙快婿 (chéng lóng kuài xù) is an idiom that signifies marrying a dragon, representing an individual who makes a brilliant marriage or seizes a great opportunity. This article delves into the origin of the idiom, its significance, and its modern applications.

Origin and Story of 乘龙快婿 (chéng lóng kuài xù)

The idiom 乘龙快婿 (chéng lóng kuài xù) has its roots in a Chinese legend. It tells the story of a young man who 结婚 (jié hūn) marries a woman from a prominent family known for their exceptional abilities. Initially, the young man faced skepticism and doubts, but he proved himself through hard work, intelligence, and diligence. He was the dragon that many aspired to ride, and he raced ahead in life, achieving great success and recognition.

结婚 (jié hūn), verb, marries


  1. She marries her childhood sweetheart next month.
    Tā xià gè yuè jiāng yǔ tā de qīngméi zhúmǎ jiéhūn.
  2. My sister is getting married.
    Wǒ jiějie yào jiéhūn le.

Inspiration and Meaning

乘龙快婿 (chéng lóng kuài xù) inspires us to recognize and seize opportunities that come our way, even if they seem daunting at first. It encourages people to have faith in themselves, work hard, and strive for excellence. This idiom reminds us that with determination and effort, we can marry the metaphorical dragon and enjoy a life of 繁荣 (fán róng) prosperity and success.

繁荣 (fánróng), noun, prosperity


  1. Peace and stability are essential for the prosperity of a nation.
     Hépíng yǔ wěndìng duì guójiā de fánróng zhìguān zhòngyào.
  2. We are a prosperous nation.
    Wǒmen shì yīgè fánróng de guójiā.

Modern Application

In contemporary life, 乘龙快婿 (chéng lóng kuài xù) remains a relevant and valuable concept. It urges us to be bold, to embrace challenges and take calculated risks in our careers and personal lives. By seizing opportunities, learning continuously, and demonstrating dedication, we can become the dragon that others want to ride.

Key Sentences:

  1. I understand what 'to marry a dragon and ride a dragon' means.
    Wǒ míngbai shénme shì chénglóng kuàixù.
  2. He married the boss's daughter and quickly became a top executive—truly living the "to marry a dragon and ride a dragon" dream.
    Tā qǔle lǎobǎn de nǚ'ér, xùnsù chéngwéi gāoguǎn, zhēnzhèng huó chūle "chéng lóng kuàixù" de mèngxiǎng.
  3. By taking the opportunity to learn a new language, she aims to become a "to marry a dragon and ride a dragon" in the global market.
    Tōngguò xuéxí yī mén xīn yǔyán de jīhuì, tā xīwàng zài quánqiú shìchǎng shàng chéngwéi "chéng lóng kuàixù".

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