Why do so many people travel during Chinese New Year?

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

With the arrival of the Spring Festival comes another annual event that captures the attention of millions: the Spring Festival travel rush, known as "Chunyun" (春运) in Chinese. Tday, we'll delve into the reasons why so many people travel during Chinese New Year and explore the significance of Chunyun in Chinese culture.

Family Reunion (家庭团聚)

Chinese New Year is widely regarded as the most important traditional holiday in China, emphasizing the importance of family and kinship. Many people travel long distances to return 返回 (fǎn huí) home to their families and hometowns, regardless of the challenges and obstacles they may encounter. The desire to reunite with loved ones during Chinese New Year is deeply ingrained in Chinese culture, and Chunyun provides an opportunity for families to come together, share meals, exchange gifts, and celebrate the New Year festivities as a unit.

返回 (fǎn huí), verb, return


  1. Please return the book to the library.
    Qǐng bǎ shū fǎn huí tú shū guǎn.
  2. He will return home after finishing his work.
    Tā wánchéng gōngzuò hòu huì fǎn huí jiā.

Cultural Tradition (文化传统)

Chunyun is deeply rooted in Chinese cultural tradition and heritage. Historically, Chinese New Year was the only time of the year when people had the opportunity to travel long distances to visit relatives and pay respects to ancestors. Over time, this tradition evolved into a mass 群众 (qún zhòng) migration phenomenon as urbanization and modern transportation systems made travel more accessible. Today, Chunyun remains an integral part of Chinese culture, symbolizing the importance of familial bonds, filial piety, and cultural continuity.

群众 (qún zhòng), noun, mass


  1. The mass gathered in the square for the rally.
    qúnzhòng jùjí zài guǎngchǎng shàng cānjiā jíhuì.
  2. The mass protested peacefully against the government's decision.
    qúnzhòng hépíng kàngyì zhèngfǔ de juédìng.

Economic Opportunities (经济机遇)

For many migrant workers and urban residents, Chinese New Year presents a valuable opportunity to return to their hometowns and participate in local economic activities. During the holiday season, rural areas experience an influx of visitors who contribute to local businesses, markets, and tourism. Additionally, Chunyun stimulates economic growth through increased spending on transportation, food, and gifts, providing a boost to local economies across the country.

Key sentences:

  • Are you traveling home for the Spring Festival travel rush?
    Nǐ yào gǎn chūnyùn huí jiā ma?
  • Yes, I've already booked my train ticket.
    Shì de, wǒ yǐjīng dìng hǎo le huǒchē piào.
  • I heard the Spring Festival travel rush is very crowded.
    Wǒ tīng shuō chūnyùn hěn yōngjǐ.

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