Best Traditional Chinese New Year Activities (Part Three)

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

As the auspicious date of Chinese New Year (春节 - Chūnjié) draws near, households buzz with anticipation as they prepare to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new. In this article, we delve into two essential Chinese New Year activities: the time-honored tradition of Spring Cleaning (大扫除 - Dà Sǎochú) and the spirited tradition of setting off Firecrackers (鞭炮 - Biānpào), each symbolizing the cleansing of the past and the joyful ushering in of a prosperous future.

Spring Cleaning (大扫除 - Dà Sǎochú)

Purifying the Home:

Chinese New Year is preceded by a thorough cleaning of the home, known as Spring Cleaning. This tradition is believed to sweep扫 (sǎo) away any lingering bad luck or negative energy from the previous year, making way for fresh beginnings and boundless blessings.

Renewing the Spirit:

Families roll up their sleeves and embark on a collective effort to clean every nook and cranny of their homes. From dusting and decluttering to scrubbing and sweeping, Spring Cleaning is a labor of love that rejuvenates both the home and the spirit, fostering a sense of renewal and optimism for the year ahead.

扫 (sǎo), verb, sweep


  1. Mom is sweeping the floor and cleaning the house very thoroughly.
    Māmā zài sǎo dì, bǎ jiālǐ dǎsǎo dé hěn gānjìng.
  2. Sister sweeps the room every day to keep it tidy.
    Jiějiě měitiān dōu huì sǎo fángjiān, bǎochí zhěngjié.

Firecrackers (鞭炮 - Biānpào)

Igniting Joy and Abundance:

The tradition of setting off firecrackers dates back centuries and is deeply ingrained in Chinese culture. The loud explosions are believed to scare away evil spirits and attract the attention of the gods, ensuring a year filled with prosperity, happiness, and good fortune 财富 (cái fù).

Celebratory Spectacle:

As Chinese New Year approaches, the streets come alive with the crackling sounds and vibrant colors of firecrackers. Families gather to light strings of firecrackers, filling the air with excitement and joyous anticipation. The spectacle not only delights the senses but also unites communities in a shared celebration of hope and prosperity.

财富 (cái fù), noun, fortune


  1. She hopes to accumulate more fortune.
    Tā xīwàng nénggòu jīlèi gèng duō de cáifù.
  2. This trip brought me unexpected fortune.
    Zhè cì lǚxíng gěi wǒ dàiláile yìwài de cáifù.


  1. Chinese New Year is coming soon, we need to prepare the New Year's food.
    Chūnjié kuài dào le, wǒmen yào zhǔnbèi guònián de shíwù le.
  2. Yes, we also need to do a thorough Spring Cleaning and tidy up the house.
    Shì a, wǒmen hái yào dà sǎochú, bǎ jiālǐ dǎsǎo de gāngānjìngjìng.
  3. What I'm looking forward to the most is setting off firecrackers, that must be a lot of fun!
    Wǒ zuì qídài de shì fàng biānpào, nà yīdìng hěn hǎowán!

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