Lucky Food in Chinese New Year

Monday, January 29, 2024

Chinese New Year, one of the most significant traditional festivals in China, is a time for family reunions and wishing for good fortune. During this special occasion, people not only participate in various traditional customs but also indulge in a variety of foods believed to bring luck and prosperity. Let's delve into the lucky foods of Chinese New Year, uncovering the cultural significance and deliciousness behind these traditional delicacies.

Reunion Dinner: Commencing Family Unity

On New Year's Eve, families gather for the Reunion Dinner, symbolizing unity and a prosperous year ahead. Several traditional lucky foods are indispensable during this feast.

Fish: Abundance Year after Year

In Chinese culture, the pronunciation of "fish" is similar to that of "surplus," symbolizing abundance and prosperity year after year. Typically, a dish featuring a whole fish is served during the Reunion Dinner to express hopes for a prosperous future.

Nian Gao (New Year Cake): Stepping Upwards Each Year

The pronunciation of "Nian Gao" sounds like "year high," signifying the wish for continuous improvement and advancement in life. This traditional rice cake is often fried, boiled, or steamed, creating a delicious dish, sweet or savory.

Snacks and Sweets: Conveying Celebration and Sweetness

Tangerines: Auspicious and Aspiring

The orange color of tangerines symbolizes wealth and good luck. With the pronunciation of "tangerine" resembling "auspicious," these fruits are considered symbols of good fortune.Tangerines are often gifted to friends and family to wish them good luck.

Candied Hawthorn (Tanghulu): Sweet Life

Candied Hawthorn, with its vibrant red color and sweet taste, becomes a unique sight in the streets during the New Year. Consuming Tanghulu signifies a sweet and delightful life in the coming year.

Desserts and Dim Sum: Completing the Circle of Togetherness

Tangyuan (Sweet Rice Balls): Complete Reunion

Tangyuan, round glutinous rice balls, symbolize family unity and completeness. During the Winter Solstice and New Year, people celebrate with Tangyuan, expressing the joy of togetherness and familial integrity.

Candy Tray: Continuous Good Luck

A candy tray adorned with various candies represents continuous good luck in the coming year, promising a life as sweet as the candies themselves. It's a traditional dessert commonly served to guests.

Beverages: Wishing Well with Good Fortune

Tea: Calmness and Tranquility

Drinking tea during the New Year is a traditional practice. Tea is known for calming the mind and creating a peaceful atmosphere, symbolizing good wishes for the future.

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