What are the 4 most Interesting Facts About Chinese New Year?

Friday, February 9, 2024

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is a vibrant and cherished celebration deeply rooted in Chinese culture. As the longest Chinese holiday, it offers a fascinating glimpse into centuries-old traditions and customs. Here, we unravel four intriguing facts about Chinese New Year, shedding light on its rich history and cherished practices.

The Longest Chinese Holiday

Chinese New Year is the longest Chinese holiday, spanning 15 days from the eve of the lunar new year to the Lantern Festival. This extended period of celebration allows families ample time to gather, honor traditions, and welcome the arrival of the new year with joy 快乐 (kuài lè) and festivity.

快乐 (kuài lè), noun, joy


  1. When our family is together, there is joy.
    wǒmen yī jiā rén zài yīqǐ shí, chōngmǎnle kuàilè.
  2. Your letter brought me a lot of joy.
    shōudào nǐ de lái xìn gěile wǒ hěnduō kuàilè.

Lucky Money in Red Envelopes

During Chinese New Year, children eagerly anticipate receiving lucky money in red envelopes, known as "红包" (hóngbāo). These envelopes, adorned with auspicious symbols and decorated in vibrant red, symbolize good luck and prosperity. The tradition reflects the importance of spreading joy and blessings during the festive season.

Indulging in Dumplings

Eating dumplings, or "饺子" (jiǎozi), is a beloved Chinese New Year tradition symbolizing wealth and prosperity. Families gather to make and enjoy these delicious 美味 (měi wèi) dumplings, which are often filled with a variety of savory ingredients. Their shape, resembling ancient Chinese currency, represents the promise of a prosperous year ahead.

美味 (měi wèi), noun, delicious


  1. This is a delicious dinner.
    Zhè shì yī dùn měiwèi de wǎncān.
  2. I like to eat delicious chocolate cake.
    Wǒ xǐhuān chī měiwèi de qiǎokèlì dàngāo.

The Spirit of Reunion

Chinese New Year is a time for family reunion, as loved ones come together to celebrate and strengthen bonds. From elaborate feasts to heartfelt gatherings, the spirit of reunion permeates every aspect of the holiday. It's a time to reflect on the past year, express gratitude, and look forward to a future filled with hope and possibility.

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