Is it Bad Luck to Wash Your Hair on New Year's Eve?

Monday, February 19, 2024

In Chinese New Year, people around the world engage in various customs and traditions to ring in the new year with prosperity and good fortune. However, among the many superstitions surrounding New Year's Eve, one question that often arises is whether it is bad luck to wash your hair on this auspicious night. In this post, we'll explore the origins of this superstition and examine whether there's any truth behind it.

The Superstition

According to folklore and tradition, it is believed that washing your hair on New Year's Eve may wash away good luck and fortune, leaving you vulnerable to misfortune and bad luck in the coming year. This superstition is particularly prevalent in some Asian cultures, where certain rituals 仪式 (yí shì) and taboos are observed to ensure a smooth transition into the new year. As a result, many people avoid washing their hair or engaging in other activities that may bring about bad luck on New Year's Eve.

仪式 (yí shì), noun, ritual


  1. The wedding ceremony was filled with beautiful rituals.
    hūnlǐ shàng chōngmǎn le měilì de yíshì.
  2. During the festival, people performed traditional rituals to honor their ancestors.
    jiérì jiān, rénmen jìnxíng chuántǒng de yíshì lái jìng zǔxiān.

Origins and Interpretations

The origins of this superstition are unclear, but some believe it may have originated from ancient beliefs and practices related to hygiene and spirituality. In many cultures, hair is considered a symbol of vitality, strength, and energy, and washing it on New Year's Eve may be seen as a symbolic act of cleansing and renewal. However, others interpret the superstition differently, attributing it to the belief that water, being a powerful 强大的 (qiáng dà de) element in many cultures, has the potential to wash away not only physical dirt but also metaphysical energies and blessings.

强大的 (qiáng dà de), adj, powerful


  1. The king possessed a powerful army to defend his kingdom.
    Guówáng yōngyǒu yī zhī qiángdà de jūnduì lái bǎowèi tā de wángguó.
  2. The superhero displayed powerful abilities to defeat the villain.
    Chāojí yīngxióng zhǎnshìle qiángdà de nénglì lái dǎbài ègùn.

Debunking the Myth

While the superstition of not washing your hair on New Year's Eve may be deeply ingrained in some cultures, there is little empirical evidence to support its validity. In reality, whether or not washing your hair on New Year's Eve brings bad luck is purely a matter of personal belief and cultural tradition. Many people choose to follow this superstition out of respect for tradition or as a precautionary measure, while others dismiss it as nothing more than a myth with no basis in reality.

  1. I always wash my hair on New Year's Day to start the year feeling fresh.
    Wǒ zǒng shì zài xīnnián xǐ tóufa, yǐ qīngxīn de zhuàngtài kāishǐ xīn de yī nián.
  2. My mother believes it's bad luck to wash your hair on New Year's Day.
    Wǒ māma rènwéi zài xīnnián xǐ tóufa shì bù jílì de.
  3. Some people follow the tradition of not washing their hair on New Year's Day.
    Yǒuxiē rén zūn xún bù zài xīnnián xǐ tóufa de chuántǒng.

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