A State of Shock-呆若木鸡 (dāi ruò mù jī)

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

"呆若木鸡" (dāi ruò mù jī) is a Chinese idiom that describes a state of shock or bewilderment, often resulting from a surprising or unexpected situation. This idiom reflects the frozen and motionless behavior of a 木制的 (mù zhì de) wooden chicken. In this article, we will explore the origins of the phrase, its inspirational aspects, its meaning, and its relevance in today's world.

木制的 (mù zhì de), adj, wooden


  1. The table is made of wooden planks.
    Zhè zhāng zhuōzi shì mùzhì de.
  2. She placed the vase on a wooden shelf.
    Tā bǎ huāpíng fàng zài le yīgè mùzhì de jiàzi shàng.

The Origins of "呆若木鸡" (dāi ruò mù jī)

The idiom "呆若木鸡" comes from an ancient Chinese story. Legend has it that a wooden chicken in a merchant's shop came to life and laid a real egg. The merchant, shocked and dumbfounded, could only stand there, "呆若木鸡," witnessing this miraculous event. This story has been passed down through generations, and the idiom now symbolizes a state of complete surprise and astonishment.


The story of "呆若木鸡" teaches us the importance of being prepared for the unexpected and adaptable in the face of surprising circumstances. It reminds us that life can be full of unexpected events, and our ability to react with grace and composure is 宝贵的 (bǎo ɡuì de) valuable.

宝贵的 (bǎo ɡuì de), adj, valuable


  1. He gained valuable experience whilst working on the project.
    cónɡ shì zhè xiànɡ ɡōnɡ chénɡ shǐ tā huò dé liǎo bǎo ɡuì de jīnɡ yàn.
  2. Time is valuable, and we should cherish it.
    shí jiān bǎo ɡuì, wǒ men yīnɡ ɡāi zhēn xī shí jiān.

Meaning of "呆若木鸡"

"呆若木鸡" describes the state of being stunned, shocked, or paralyzed by a sudden or unexpected situation. It signifies a moment when someone is unable to react due to surprise or disbelief.

Modern Applications

In contemporary times, the concept of "呆若木鸡" remains relevant. It encourages us to remain composed when faced with unexpected challenges and to adapt to changing circumstances. By maintaining our ability to react rationally in surprising situations, we can overcome obstacles and make better decisions.

Key Sentences:

  1. He stood there like a wooden chicken when he heard the good news, unable to believe it.
    Tā tīng dào hǎo xiāoxi shí dāi ruò mù jī, wánquán bù gǎn xiāngxìn.
  2. Faced with unexpected problems, she no longer stands there like a wooden chicken.
    Miàn duì tūrú qílái de wèntí, tā bù zài dāi ruò mù jī.
  3. His performance in the exam left the teacher stunned.
    Tā zài kǎoshì zhōng de biǎoxiàn ràng lǎoshī dāi ruò mù jī.

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