Crane Stands Out Among Chickens-鹤立鸡群 (hè lì jī qún)

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

The idiom 鹤立鸡群 (hè lì jī qún) originates from Chinese culture and describes someone or something that stands out from the crowd due to unique qualities or exceptional abilities. This article will explore the background, meaning, and modern applications of this idiom, along with providing some English sentences to help readers better understand its usage.


鹤立鸡群 (hè lì jī qún) has a long history and draws inspiration from the observation of 鹤 () cranes in contrast to common 鸡 () chickens . Cranes are known for their elegance and grace, while chickens are ubiquitous and ordinary. Therefore, comparing someone to a crane implies that they shine among many others, possessing exceptional qualities and 能力 (nénglì) capabilities.
能力 (nénglì),noun,capabilities
Her artistic capabilities allow her to create stunning paintings. 
Tā de yìshù nénglì shǐ tā néng chuàngzuò chū lìng rén jīngtàn de huàzuò.
Teamwork often involves combining the capabilities of different individuals. 
Tuánduì hézuò tōngcháng shèjí zhěnghé bùtóng gètǐ de nénglì.


Highlighting Distinctive Qualities
鹤立鸡群 (hè lì jī qún) emphasizes the recognition of an individual or thing that stands out among competitors due to unique qualities, abilities, or performance.
This idiom can also describe exceptional performance in a particular field or domain, surpassing peers or counterparts.

Application in Modern Society

鹤立鸡群 (hè lì jī qún) remains relevant in modern society. Whether in the context of workplace competition or personal achievements, the idiom underscores the value of individual 独特性 (dútè xìng) uniqueness and outstanding performance.
独特性 (dútè xìng),noun,uniqueness
Her uniqueness lies in her ability to see beauty in the ordinary. 
Tā de dútè xìng zàiyú tā nénggòu cóng píngfán zhī zhōng kàn dào měilì.
The uniqueness of this restaurant is its fusion of different culinary traditions. 
Zhè jiā cāntīng de dútè xìng zàiyú rónghéle bùtóng de pēngrèn chuántǒng.
Key Sentences:
His exceptional leadership skills make him “to stand out from the crowd" in the corporate world.
他卓越的领导才能使他在企业界 "鹤立鸡群"。
Tā zhuóyuè de lǐngdǎo cáinéng shǐ tā zài qǐyè jiè "hè lì jī qún".
Her kindness and generosity make her "to stand out from the crowd" among her friends.
她的善良和慷慨使她在朋友中 "鹤立鸡群"。
Tā de shànliáng hé kāngkǎi shǐ tā zài péngyǒu zhōng "hè lì jī qún".
The artist's unique style allows his paintings to "to stand out from the crowd" in the art world.
这位艺术家独特的风格使他的画作在艺术界 "鹤立鸡群"。
Zhè wèi yìshùjiā dútè de fēnggé shǐ tā de huàzuò zài yìshù jiè "hè lì jī qún".
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