How to Use Idioms to Express Beautiful Love Part 3

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Love is a journey filled with moments of joy, tenderness, and connection. In this third part of our series on using idioms to express beautiful love, we explore two idioms that encapsulate the bliss and unity found in a loving relationship: "Newlyweds" and "Flying Wing to Wing".

Newlyweds 新婚燕尔 (xīn hūn yàn'ěr)

Nowadays, "newlyweds" is used to celebrate the joy of newly married couples, carrying a sense of blessings. In fact, the original meaning of "newlyweds" was to describe the joy of a new marriage, with the connotation of a deserted woman speaking of her ex-husband remarrying and finding new happiness. Later, the meaning changed to describe the happiness of a new marriage. "Yan" refers to the swallow, which symbolizes settling down and taking care of the family. In this context, "yan" and "feast" are interchangeable, both representing comfort and enjoyment.This idiom celebrates the freshness and promise 承诺 (chéng nuò) of love, capturing the magic of starting a new journey hand in hand with your beloved.

承诺 (chéng nuò), verb, promise


  1. He made a promise to always support his friend.
    Tā chéngnuò yǒngyuǎn zhīchí tā de péngyǒu.
  2. Keeping a promise is important in maintaining trust in relationships.
    Zūnshǒu chéngnuò zài wéichí guānxì zhōng de xìnrèn hěn zhòngyào.

Flying Wing to Wing 比翼双飞 (bǐ yì shuāng fēi)

The expression "Flying Wing to Wing" describes two birds flying side by side with their wings touching, symbolizing harmony, cooperation, and unity. This idiom reflects the idea of two individuals sharing a close bond and supporting each other as they journey through life together. Much like birds flying wing 翅膀 (chì bǎng) to wing, couples who embrace this idiom experience a deep sense of companionship and mutual understanding. They navigate life's ups and downs together, facing challenges with courage and resilience, and cherishing the moments of joy and triumph along the way.

Incorporating these idioms into expressions of love adds depth and richness to romantic gestures and conversations. Whether describing the excitement of newlyweds embarking on their journey together or the harmony and unity found in a committed relationship, idioms offer a powerful way to convey the beauty and depth of love.

翅膀 (chì bǎng), noun, wing


  1. The bird spread its wings ,and flew into the sky.
    Niǎo zhǎnkāile chìbǎng, fēixiàngle tiānkōng.
  2. The butterfly gracefully flapped its wings as it floated through the garden.
    Húdié zài huāyuán lǐ piāodòngzhe yōuyǎ de shàndòngzhe chìbǎng.

Key Sentences:

  1. The newlyweds went on a romantic honeymoon trip to celebrate their love.
    Xīnhūn yàn'ěr de fūfù qù dù mìyuè, qìngzhù tāmen de àiqíng.
  2. Together, they overcome obstacles and achieve success, just like birds flying wing to wing.
    Tāmen yīqǐ kèfú zhàng'ài, qǔdéle chénggōng, jiù xiàng bǐyì shuāngfēi de niǎo er yīyàng.
  3. They are enjoying their new marriage blissfully, just like newlyweds should.
    Tāmen zhèngzài xìngfú de xiǎngshòu tāmen de xīnhūn shēnghuó, jiù xiàng xīnhūn yàn'ěr yīyàng.

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