How to Use Idioms to Express Beautiful Love Part 2

Thursday, May 9, 2024

In our exploration of how to use idioms to express beautiful love, this article will continue to introduce two idioms filled with imagery and profound meanings: "Harmony like the sound of a lute and zither" and "As close as glue". These idioms bring forth beautiful stories and profound reflections on love with their unique imagery and poignant symbolism.

Harmony like the sound of a lute and zither 琴瑟和鸣 (qín sè hé míng)

This idiom originates from the ancient musical instruments, the lute and the zither, which are often played together to create harmonious melodies. Legend has it that the lute and the zither represent the harmony and rapport between two individuals. When these two instruments play together, their notes resonate with each other, complementing one another like they are telling a moving story. Thus, the idiom "Harmony like the sound of a lute 琵琶 (pí pá) and zither" is used to describe a relationship where two people are in perfect harmony, cooperating with each other, understanding each other, much like the lute and zither playing a romantic melody together.

The essence of this idiom lies in the idea that love is not just about emotional exchange but also about spiritual resonance and mutual understanding. When there is harmony like the sound of a lute and zither between two people, they can create beautiful melodies together, face life's ups and downs together, support and understand each other, thus building an everlasting journey of love.

琵琶 (pí pá), noun, lute


  1. She plays the lute beautifully. 
    Tā yǎnzòu pí pá hěn měi.
  2. I enjoy listening to the sound of the lute. 
    Wǒ xǐhuān tīng pí pá de shēngyīn.

As Close as Glue 如胶似漆 (rú jiāo sì qī)

This idiom, dating back to ancient times, vividly describes the state where two objects or two people are tightly bonded together and cannot be separated. Glue is a highly adhesive substance that binds two objects together, forming an inseparable whole. Therefore, "As close as glue 胶水 (jiāo shuǐ)” is used to describe a relationship where two people are very close to each other, relying on each other, and difficult to separate no matter what happens.

The essence of this idiom lies in the idea that true love is built on a deep emotional foundation. When two people are as close as glue, they can withstand the storms of life together, share joys and sorrows, support and encourage each other, making their love stronger and more enduring.

胶水 (jiāo shuǐ), noun, glue


  1. I used glue to fix the broken vase.
    Wǒ yòng jiāo shuǐ xiūlǐle dǎsuì de huāpíng.
  2. The glue dried quickly, bonding the pieces together firmly.
    Jiāo shuǐ hěn kuài gànle, jiāng suìpiàn láolǎo de zhān zài yīqǐ.


  1. The couple's relationship is like the sound of a lute and zither.
    Zhè duì fūfù de guānxì xiàng qínsè hé míng.
  2. Their friendship is as close as glue, they are always together no matter what happens. 
    Tāmen de yǒuyì rú jiāo sì qī, wúlùn fāshēng shénme dōu zài yīqǐ.
  3. Tāmen zǒng shì tiāntiān zài yīqǐ, zhēnshì rú jiāo sì xī.
    They are always together every day, truly inseparable like glue.

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